If Batman fought Wolverine

To decide who would win the fight between Batman and Wolverine, we must analyse the battle from their perspectives and then proceed to the final judgement.
However, we must keep in mind that theenvironment would play an important factor in deciding who would win.

For that we’d take two scenes of battles, first in a close space, say inside a building; and second, in an open space say, an open field.


BATMAN (thinking): The walls and door show claw marks, indicating the opponent will be using claws as a weapon. So, the opponent is either a beast or a mutated human. Keeping a distance from the opponent would be necessary. Long range attacks are helpful. Must keep in mind that the beast might have acute senses. So darkness won’t be much in my favour.
WOLVERINE (thinking): Whatever his armour is made of, I must make sure I rip them off. What powers can he possess?

*Wolverine draws his claws*
BATMAN: They’re not bones, they seem to be made of metal. My kevlar won’t be a strong defense.

Wolverine advances towards Batman ready to rip his suit and the flesh beneath it.
However Batman dodges it as a reflex and uses his Grapple to move away from him. Wolverine slashes a pillar of the house.

WOLVERINE: Damn, he is agile enough to dodge me. But he hasn’t shown his powers yet. He used a grapple to get away. And the belt. Sort of gadget holding utility device. *turns around* Where did he go?
BATMAN: That was close. The way the pillar was cut, it can’t be any usual metal. Oracle (in the radio), help me find a weak spot. I can’t hide for long.

*Oracle in the Bat cave gathers information on Wolverine*

A moment of silence in the room as Batman waits for Oracle to gather information on his opponent as Wolverine looks around for his counterpart. The silence makes his senses more acute as he tries to listen any small decibel of noise his opponent can create.

ORACLE (to Batman): You’re fighting against a mutant, who possesses animal-keen senses, enhanced physical capabilities, and powerful regenerative ability. His claws are covered with an unknown metal, Adamantium. It is almost indestructible. You can—–

Batman lowers his heartbeat as he listens to the information. But he is too late.
WOLVERINE: I can hear your heartbeat going low. But that’s not going to help!!
*Wolverine breaks the pillar and kicks Batman, who falls and hits the wall. His radio transmitter is broken*

Wolverine holds up Batman and draws back his claws to punch him in the face. Batman’s cowl holds some of his punches but it starts to wear down from the continuous attack of Adamantium-strengthened punches. Batman starts to bleed.


*Wolverine draws his claws and it pierces through the shoulders of the combatant*

Batman groans and loosens his fist. But not as a sign of giving up, instead he threw some grenades to the ground.

Before he could say anything the grenades flash and blind Wolverine. The noise and the flash from the three flash grenades distracts him and he releases Batman to the ground.

Wolverine comes to his senses to find himself alone. He can no longer sense any vital signs of Batman, meaning he is outside his radius. Angrily he turns around to move out of the house when he sees two missiles incoming. Before he could do anything, the house is blown up, with him inside.
Batman is seen getting out of his Batmobile to see if anything is left to destroy. He sees the house turned to ash as he gets back to his vehicle. But it’s not an easy win.

His systems in the vehicles show there’s movement inside the rubble. He looks outside through the windshield to see a someone walking out of the house. He appears burned but slowly his body heals, as his face show an emotion of wrath dawned upon it.
Leaving no other choice, Batman sends a code through his vehicle to send one of his strongest suits from the Watchtower: Hellbat.


Batman leaves the Batmobile and waits for the berserk samurai to join him in the final battlefield. The angry mutant draws his claws and runs towards the dark knight. But Batman stuns him by throwing electric batarangs at him. It slows Wolverine down, but not for long. The suit is taking it’s time to reach it’s destination. Batman has to stall him till then.

BATMAN: You have been killing people. You have shown no mercy. What good does it do to you?

You’re a human, not an animal.
WOLVERINE: WRONG! I am the Wolverine!
Wolverine hits Batman with his claws and injures him. Perhaps he has broken his ribs. The suit would be arriving any moment now..

The HELLBAT arrives and both of them could see it at a distance. Batman uses another smoke grenade to stun him. When the smoke is gone, Wolverine finds Batman at a distance but not in his suit. What was his plan then?

It was then he found the suit attaching itself to his body. But why would Batman do that? Wolverine tried to rip off the pieces from his body but he cannot hold it for long.
Soon he is inside the suit and he finds himself weakening.
Yes, the suit absorbs the body’s metabolism to use it in the fight and prolonged effect can lead to death.
Batman must have accelerated the absorbing rate of the machine. But this doesn’t stop Wolverine, the derived energy is released as blasts from the suit. As he cannot control the suit, the blasts are sprayed everywhere and Batman has to dodge it. After some time the machine calms down as it has derived all energy from Wolverine, leaving him to an old, vulnerable form. Any moment, his body recovers, the machine absorbs the energy, leaving the beast in it’s cage.

(For representation purpose)
Batman moves close to the suit, holding it’s prisoner.
BATMAN: You underestimated my superpower. You ignored my only superpower I have. I never give up.
Post was written by : Suman Kumar Behra on Quora.com