Tree-man from Bangladesh. A disease caused growing trees on his body

This is Abul Bajandar, the 25 year Bangladeshi rickshaw puller who is suffering from an extremely odd skin disorder. Abul Bajandar has this extreme case in which warts grow in his body. His limbs look like roots of a tree.


Also given the name of “tree-man”, Abul is suffering from Epidermodysplasia Verruciformis from past 7 years. Abul was recently admitted at Dhaka’s Dhaka Medical College and Hospital (DMCH). Doctors at DMCH have formed a committee of experts and are planning to start the treatment of Abul.


Similar disorder was shown on a discovery channels show in 2008, where Mr Koswara returned home from a hospital after having six kilo warts surgically removed from his body reported dailymail UK.

Courtesy : dailymail

Abul even had to lost his job due to this condition and was forced to be in circus in order to run hai family.
The tree-man of Bangladesh might have to under go two surgeries per yea after his story became famous and funds were donated for his treatment.

Marvel movie boss : STAN LEE all Appearances in MARVEL MOVIES

Seeing him on the screen cheers up every comic book fan to the core. His ever glowing face always manages to bring a smile on the audiences’ faces.
It all started with The Incredible Hulk TV series in 1989. He was seen as one of the jury members in the court when Banner was wrongfully convicted for sexual assault of a young woman.
Then in X-Men (2000), Stan Lee played a hot dog vendor on the beach when Senator Kelly crawls out of the sea as a mutant. This cameo marked the beginning of Stan Lee cameo tradition in the marvel movies.
In Spider-Man (2002), when Spider-Man and Green Goblin are face to face for the first time, we see Stan Lee in the crowd. He saves a young girl from the falling debris. Oh such a hero he is!
In the not so successful Daredevil (2003), Stan Lee was saved from hitting a bus by Matt Murdock while crossing the road in Matt’s flashback.
In Hulk (2003), Stan lee appeared as a security guard. The amazing thing about this scene is that he appears alongside Lou Ferrigno, the Hulk from the original TV series. This was the first speaking role of Stan Lee.
In Spider-Man 2 (2004), Stan Lee saves a woman from falling debris yet again. Seems like he loves saving people in Spider-Man movies.
In Fantastic four (2005), Stan Lee played a postman. Amazing thing here is that the postman he played is an actual character in the comics, Willie Lumpkin. The comic character has a special talent to wiggle his ears and nose. Stan couldn’t do it though.
His next appearance was in X-Men : The Last Stand (2006). In this hilarious scene, when young Jean Grey is displaying her powers to Professor Xavier and Magneto, Stan Lee was perplexed on seeing the water from his hose defying gravity.
In Spider-Man 3 (2007), Stan Lee spoke some wisdom words to Peter Parker. “Y’know, I think one man can make a difference. ‘Nuff said.”
Stan Lee played himself in Fantastic Four : Rise of the Silver Surfer (2007). He was thrown out of Reed and Sue’s wedding for not having an invitation. Well if he was at the wedding as himself, wan’t he shocked on seeing the characters he created in real life? He probably just wanted an autograph.
And begins the Marvel Cinematic Universe. In Iron Man (2008), Tony mistakes Stan Lee for Hugh Hefner when as he walks up the red carpet. They two do look similar, don’t they?
Stan Lee played an integral role in The Incredible Hulk (2008). He played a man who drank some soda mixed with Bruce Banner’s blood. It was due to this that the authorities were able to track down Banner to a bottling plant in Brazil.
In Iron Man 2 (2010), Tony mistakes Stan Lee for someone else again, and this time its Larry King. Do you need contact lenses Tony?
His next cameo was in Thor (2011) where he plays a pick-up driver trying to lift Thor’s hammer with a chain attached to his truck. He ruins his truck in the process and then asks “Did it work?”.
The next is in Captain America : The First Avenger (2011), Stan Lee again plays a comedy role where he is a General. He mistakes someone else for Captain America and remarks “I thought he’d be taller”.
And then the movie that taught us that it was all the same universe, The Avengers (2012). In this awesome cameo appearance, Stan Lee appears in a news report after the devastation of New York and says, “Superheroes in New York? Give me a break.” Of coarse Stan Lee, super heroes are only in comic books right?
My favorite Stan Lee cameo is in The Amazing Spider-Man (2012). When Spidey and the Lizard are fighting in the school, we see Stan Lee listening to music and doing his work with no knowledge of what is happening.
The next was Iron Man 3 (2013). Stan Lee was an over enthusiastic beauty pageant judge in the movie showing 10 points to a contestant.
In Thor : The Dark World (2013), Stan Lee played a patient in a mental ward where Selvig is explaining about the convergence. After Selvig is done, he asks if someone has questions to which our man says “Can I have my shoes back?”
Then in Captain America : The Winter Soldier (2014), Stan Lee played a guard again. He was a guard in Smithsonian Institution from where Steve steals his suit from under his nose. “Oh man! I am so fired!” says Stan Lee.
In The Amazing Spider-Man 2 (2014), Stan Lee was one among the crowd when Peter Parker was receiving his graduation degree. He spots Peter removing his mask and says “I think I know that guy”.
In Marvel’s biggest surprise, The Guardians of the Galaxy (2014), Stan Lee was a Xandarian ladies’ man. Rocket scans him through his lens and says “What a class-A pervert.”.
Then in the Marvel superheros’ second outing, Avengers : Age of Ultron (2015), Stan Lee played an old time war veteran in the Avengers’ victory party. He had the Asgardian drink which, as Thor points out, “was not meant for mortal men.” Stan Lee refuses to listen to him and drinks it, only to be escorted by people from the party while drunkenly shouting “Excelsior”.
And in the latest Marvel flick, Ant-Man, Stan Lee plays a bartender.
And it is not over yet. In Disney’s Big hero 6 (2015), a superhero film inspired from the marvel comics by the same name, Stan Lee appeared in an animated avatar as Fred’s father. The animated Stan Lee’s voice was given by the real Stan Lee. At first, we see him in a family painting at Fred’s house, then in the post-credit scene, he appears to Fred and says “We have a lot to talk about.”
Besides these, Stan Lee also makes regular appearances in Marvel’s animated seriesUltimate Spider-Man as a sweeper in Peter’s school.
He has also appeared in various Marvel comic books and also has comics where he himself is the main character. Amazing, isn’t he?
Stan “The Man” Lee turned 93 on December 28, 2015. I wish he lives for another 93 years and keeps making such cameos.
So In how many movies did you spot Stan Lee on?

The Irritating “occasional” patriots

The Republic day is coming to an end and you might be done with all your forward messages and be done with the one third of your patriotism of 2016. The other two third of patriotism strikes with the Independence day and with release of some good patriotic movies.


26th of January, Indian Republic Day. This and 15th August are indeed the proudest days for anyone as an Indian. But for most of us, they also happen to be the most frustrating. The day doesn’t even begin and you start getting those ‘forwards’. The problem begins when these forwards are just too much over exaggerated and over fantasized. Moreover, you receive them them from the most unexpected people, those, who normally won’t even stand properly for the National Anthem which hardly lasts for a minute, 52 seconds to be precise, boasting about their so called ‘love’ and ‘respect’ for the nation which lasts for just a day. Well, as you’re taking your time to read this, I’m sure there will be at least 4-5 idiots spitting, urinating in the public even when they have toilets at their disposal. Some arsehole would be trying to grope a woman. Even in the audience gathered to watch the Republic Day Parade, some douchebag would have tried his hand at molestation.


We buy flags, maybe badges or something patriotic, but are we really doing our bit towards the betterment of the nation? With time we’ll all see how much we really respect the nation. The forwards, the (pseudo) patriotism, it’s all just for the day. I guarantee there will be flags lying on the roads tomorrow, and we’d see for ourselves how we’ll do that which is our duty. By this, I’m NOT disrespecting the nation. Even today many of us don’t even know the importance and history behind the day. The day doesn’t just demand people to gather at a place, rather we need to come ahead and make resolution of making every bit of our contribution for the betterment of the country. India is what we make of it. So go out there, do what you’re good at and contribute to the nation’s progress. This is just to hit out at all those pseudo patriots and cheapos who bring disgrace to the nation even on this day. At least respect the land that gave you jobs and security, the land that safeguards your kids’ future, the land for which thousands sacrificed their lives and the land which continues to be one of the richest cultures of the world till date.


This is also the day on which we get few of independence day wishes. So there are people who seriously don’t know the difference between republic and independence. I would take a moment to thanks Hike messenger app for their annoying stickers for every occasions. The guy who you don’t know from ever strikes you with all kind of patriotic stickers this day. When you switch to Whatsapp and facebook, there are people who want the tricolor to be in each and every inbox by 26th January or may be reach a goal of 1,00,00,000 likes. If you ignore this than you deserve a place in Pakistan because India is no more a place for you.

Those who are true and abiding to their duties towards the nation, you’re doing a great job! And BTW a grand salute for the armed forces of India.


Pikapost wishes the citizens of this beautiful country a Happy Republic Day and hopes that the largest democracy in the world touches new heights.

Remembering “The Joker”


Can not believe it has been 8 years since the day you left us. An amazing, talented, inspirational actor.

In 2008, on this day at about 2:45 PM, in his NYC apartment at 421 Broome Street, Heath’s housekeeper and a massage therapist found him face down and unconscious in his bed with sleeping pills nearby, was declared dead.

This was 178 days before The Dark Knight release. How time passes. His talent lives on through his masterpieces.
Pikapost Pays a Tribute To The Legend. RIP. You’re missed.

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Mumbai Behind The Lens

Once you visit Mumbai, you never really come back. A part of you stays there forever. It’s not just a city, it’s a life. How do I know?
Well because there’s a part of me, still standing at Marine drive, facing the Arabian Sea, talking to the ocean, and believe me, the Queen’s Necklace talks back..

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Photography credits: Vijay Mali
Camera credits: Sony Alpha 6000
Lens: 18-50mm, 55-210mm


We should never criticize a dead person, infact try to understand the circumstances which led to his death and make sure such things never take place in the near future. But sometimes the story is something else. All the elite, crude and secular intellectuals of the country are back with their banners demanding justice for the Dalit scholar Rohith Vemula. Very little out of these intellectuals know what exactly had happened in the campus of University of Hyderabad which had led to a poor guy committing suicide and for sure they won’t bother knowing the truth and facts behind this incident taking place. A politically motivated suicide got its due as the politicians seeking vote have already played the “DALIT CARD”. Now if you don’t understand, in India there are two minority cards which are much more powerful than the spade card or the +4 card in UNO are the backward caste based cards and the minor religious card. Vote digging politicians never fail to play this card cause after all what actually matters is with how many votes did you won the elections.

WHAT MADE ROHITH COMMIT SUICIDE? WE ALREADY COVERED THIS IN AN EARLIER POST : 5 SC/ST quota students expelled from UoH on the grounds of harassing students

Media houses of our country keep waiting for such incidents to make a fest out of it. They will prey on such incident unless you get them something new* (*New is only when a minority card is used). This is a shame for me that I am going to judge a dead soul but this is not against a specific community or a person but against the egregious mindset most of amongst us have.


  • Rohith was a ‘dalit scholar‘ who turned down Marxism to accept Ambedkarism (Why the use of word dalit? shows the mindset) studying in UoHyedarabad. Apart from a mediocre academic performance he was also involved in an association called Ambedkar Students Association (ASA), which already has a pungent reputation in the nation for defending the death of Yakub Memon, mastermind of the 1993 Bomay serial bomb blasts. Just like his association, Rohith too had it in him to defend the death of Yakub.
Rohith defending Yakub Memon's hanging.
Rohith defending Yakub Memon’s hanging.






So was Yakub Memon was his role model? He was seen with posters reading Tum Kitne Yakub Maaroge, Har Ghar Se Yakub Niklenge”

  • Rohith also had disturbing views when it came to SWAMI VIVEKANANDA. It is tough to understand what kind of upbringing he had gotten from the ASA, that doesn’t even bother to respect world renowned Indian visionaries with great wisdom. His views on Swami Vivekananda were terrible to the core, reason being Swami were a HINDU!








  • If these reasons are not enough for you then let me just put another picture of him and his association burning Manusmriti (religious book on the origin of Hinduism).


To be an atheist means not involving in any religious practices of any kind. It does not give you license to criticize any other religion (HINDUISM IN HIS CASE). And then you come up demanding a reservation seat in colleges stating you are a Dailt The last time I checked, Dalit’s do fall in Hinduism. There is no religion called DALIT. TO put it in other words, This is like “to defecate in your own plate”.

  • If the sources are to be concerned, disciplinary actions on him were also due to he and his friends calling other Hindus with names like “euressian brahmin” or “hindu baniya”. Well if you don’t trust this source you can anytime go and ask UoHyderabad authorities about it.



To end this heated post I would like to JUST ask you few question and leave it upto you that was he even a person whose death should be given much of a coverage? was it even worth for anyone to stand up for him? unless you are an ASA member or Kejriwal or Rahul Gandhi or the selective media houses, it shouldn’t bother you.


Robert Downey Jr was paid more than 50 million dollars for the first Avengers movie? BUT WHY?

Ever thought why was fan favourite Robert Downey Jr (Ironman) payed more than any other Avenger for the first Avengers movie? The movie earned around $1,519,557,910 and a huge amount of share went into the pockets of RDJ! Let’s try to understand what was the situation of Marvel studio than!

“Marvel went bankrupt in 1996. They sold off the rights to some of their most prominent characters including the likes of Spider man, X-men and Fantastic 4 to Columbia and 20th century fox to save themselves from bankruptcy. Except for the first and the second Spiderman movies, none of the super hero movies made a splash owing to poor scripts and flawed direction. Failure of movies like Daredevil, Hulk and Electra only added fuel to fire. The X-men franchise was doing well, then Brett Ratner went crazy with the Last stand and screwed it all up. People had almost lost interest in comic book movies. Nobody got excited about them any more. To make things worse 2007 Spider man 3 was a disaster, by Spider Man’s standards (Financially the movie was a success, collecting over $800 Million).

Movies like Daredevil and hulk reboots were hugel setbacks for the Marvel studios

Enter Kevin Fiege, colossal nerd. He was hired as an associate producer on X-Men, purely due to the fact that he was a nerd and knew the Marvel universe inside out. In 2007 Marvel decided to make him President.

In the meanwhile, he along with Avi Arad and John Favreau was busy trying to buy back the rights to Iron man (Which was with New line Cinema). Once the production started, they needed a face for Tony Stark. Initially they wanted to go with a fresh face. The script was pretty straight forward. Had essence of drama and comedy. But they had to get their “Pompous A**hole” right for the movie to work. This is when Robert Downey Jr fell into Favreau’s radar. Here was a star who had it all, had famously messed up in front of the public eye and was experiencing a resurgence off late owing to decent performances in sleeper hits like “Kiss Kiss Bang Bang” and “Zodiac”. Favreau felt Downey could not only make Stark a “likable asshole,” but also depict an authentic emotional journey once he won over the audience. He was hired and setup an office next to Feige’s. His involvement in the scripting processes is said to have given the movie a deeper sense of humor. He, Feige and Favreau basically created the character that is Tony Stark.

Iron Man 3 Tony Stark/Iron Man (Robert Downey Jr.) Film Frame ©Marvel Studios 2013
Iron Man 3, Tony Stark/Iron Man (Robert Downey Jr.), Film Frame, ©Marvel Studios 2013

The next part of this story is probably the most important part of it. Promotions. Marvel had bet big on Iron Man and badly needed for it to work. An investment of 140 million dollars on a dying genre at that point was a huge risk. RDJ basically lived as Tony Stark through out this duration. People got a glimpse of what they were in for if they went for the movie. His antics brought attention to the movie. Finally the movie released in 2008, and it blew up. The script was good, but the character was phenomenal. People fell in love with RDJ. The final battle between him and Jeff Bridges was not really all that great. No body even rememberes who the villain was when they left the theaters. You know what they did remember, RDJ declaring to the world “I am Iron Man.” Boy did that leave an impact. (A Quora user Harikrishnan G Nair, answered this question).

The movie made $ 545 Million dollars. Now that might seem like a small amount for a super hero movie to collect. But what that movie did is that it gave Marvel credibility as a production house. It gave them the confidence to work on movies like Thor ($450 million) and Captain America ($360 million). It gave them the confidence to cast the likes of Scarlet Johansson, and Samuel L Jackson. Marvel doubled up their investment in Downey. His salary for Iron man 1 had only been $500,000. For Iron Man 2 he was paid $10 million. Iron Man 2 despite only being a decent film, hit it out of the park. The collections were up to $623 million.

Thor and Captain America were decent movies. But both their lead actors despite being drool worthy hunks were not able to catch the fancy of the crowd. Then came the Avengers. And boy did it change the game. It was a well written, well directed and well acted movie. BUT, the movie was sold on Downey. It was a multi-studded cast. But none of the actors (save Johanson and Sam L Jackson, but they were a part of the supporting cast) had any traction with the audience. Avengers went on to be one of the biggest hits in the history of world cinema. It was the third highest grossing films of all time with a whopping collection of $1.5 Billion dollars. This took Marvel to the big leagues. It became one of the biggest media houses of the world. People would watch anything with Marvel’s name on it. They started working on the sequel.


Now again at this point you have to realize that the only two people who gained more credibility as stars from Avengers are Tom Hiddleston and RDJ. No one else was irreplaceable. They could have replaced any one of the Avengers, no one would have given a sh*t, but replacing RDJ would have hurt them bad. The fans would have gone crazy. RDJ realizing this raised his game and asked for a $ 50-80 million pay check for Avengers 2. Marvel had to grudgingly agree to the fee.

But realizing that they cant keep paying him ludicrous amounts of money, Marvel started underplaying Iron Man. This was a genius tactic on their part. They made him less interesting. They knew that even if he was not very interesting people would go watch Iron man 3. The movie was a disaster and it still ended up collecting $1.2 billion.

Captain america WInter soldier and GOG became the hit faces of Marvel Cinematic universe

But then something happened. Marvel managed to pull off Guardians Of the Galaxy and Captain America Winter Soldier. They had 2 new huge stars. Chris Evans and Chris Pratt. This weakened the Downey stronghold. They slowly started the process of writing Iron man out of the universe. They used this during the negotiations to show him that the MCU could go on without him. Downey could not agree to do Iron man 4 at a salary lower than what he was already being paid, so he decided to take a pay cut for a movie which required lower screen time than Iron man 4 and agreed to be a part of Civil War (He is being paid $40 million).

But this is when Chris Evans started hinting at leaving the MCU universe as his contract is coming to an end. Chris Prat is still a growing star, but he is a two film (GOG and Jurassic World) wonder. If GOG2 failed, marvel could take a big hit. This is what is making them question their stance on the RDJ play. They have huge movies like Dr Strange, Spider man and Black Panther in the pipeline. But all of them are unexplored territory. They are once again at a cross roads. They have also started facing competition from DC who have manged to get Affleck (Who seems like he could be a good batman). So would they want to let go of their best hitter at this point. That is the question.

Both the Infinty war movies and Civil war are most anticipated marvel movies!
Both the Infinty war movies and Civil war are most anticipated marvel movies!

There are now talks that he may be paid $400 million for the two Infinity War movies. The move is being criticized by a lot of the pundits. But both of those movies are bound to be making more than a billion dollars and even with the amount of money they are paying Downey and the 100 million they are spending on the cast, they still have $ 300 million to spend on each of those movies. Also each of those movies are bound to earn more than $ 1.3 billion dollars. Marvel still ends up making a hell of a lot more profit than any studio can expect to make from two movies.

Also, to answer the question as to weather he deserves it. He literally made Marvel who they are today. If Iron Man had been made with someone else, Marvel would still be a bankrupt studio. So he probably deserves to make some money out of it.

If that’s not fair, neither is the fact that one of the richest men in the world got there by running a media consumption company, which doesn’t own any of its own media (Facebook). Or the fact that one of the newly minted billionaires got there by running a taxi company that doesn’t own any taxi (Uber). People make money by betting on their talent and ability. Fortune some times favors them and they make it big. If you cant handle it. Tough luck. That is just the way the world is.

Also, don’t forget, HE IS IRON MAN.”


5 SC/ST quota students expelled from UoH on the grounds of harassing students and poor academics

University of Hyderabad reportedly expelled five of it’s PhD students from the college after it was found that they were involved in harassing other students from the university over castism on 4th January 2016. The five students D. Prasanth, Ch. Seshaiah, V Sunkanna, V Rohit and D Vijay Kumar got an admission into the university thanks to the reservation policy of India which supports and helps students to raise from the low to a higher position in society, but definitely not on poverty basis.


On what basis should reservation be given?


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The five SC/ST students also a member of Ambedkar Students Association (ASA), were reported to attack on Mr. Susheel Kumar who is also the ABVP president from UoH. Susheel who posted on the social media citing ASA as a group of goons. Later Susheel found himself surrounded by the ASA students and being threatened to have a crimminal case against him for caste base descrimination to which had to apologies. Afraid of the mob he did apologize. But little Susheel knew, his apology was not the end as he was found injured the very next morning and was immediately hospitalized.

Expelled students protesting outside the hostel.
Expelled students protesting outside the hostel.

Later a criminal case against these 5 Sc/ST scholars were filed. After college authority got involved in this case, it was established that these students were much involved in politics and ASA that they kept their academic career at a stake. They also tried to built a student nexus based on caste in lieu of upcoming student elections in campus.


Before expelling these students, UoH also found out that they were playing the Dalit Victim Card and using words like “euressian brahmin” or “hindu baniya” while calling their classmates.


To uplift the needy and poor is an act of civility but it’s time to understand and draw a line between needy and hackneyed. Time to over come the drawbacks of our present system and build a new reservation system which will undoubtedly support the real “deprived” classes of the real and modern India.

Whose Side Are You On?

In Captain America: Civil War, Captain America and the Avengers continue to protect the world, but the team becomes fractured into two opposing factions, one led by Captain America and another by Iron Man, after extensive collateral damage prompts politicians to pass an act regulating superhuman activity with government oversight and accountability for the Avengers. Pikapost brings you the brief introduction of the teams. Pick your side.

Team Captain America:

  1. Bucky Barnes


The First Hero that will most likely make up roster for team captain is Bucky Barnes aka Winter Soldier. He was seen in the end credits of Captain America: the Winter Soldier, rediscovering who he is and again in Antman’s post credit scene getting his metal arm trapped in a vice and landing in the hands of captain America and Falcon. Considering how much time and effort these two put into finding him, it’s safe to assume that cap isn’t gonna let him far off his sight and will attempt to

  1. Falcon


Wherever Falcon flies, cap will be on his left. After battling hydra, any organisation trying to enforce it’s will on people is going to be met with some high flying resistance from Sam Wilson.

  1. Ant Man


Antman’s role in the civil war comicbook story is long complicated and doesn’t fit at all into the characters the MCU has crafted. But it’s been said that doctor pins are versioned to anything with Stark label will see him guiding to follow captain America on this one.

  1. Hawkeye


Clint Barton has worked hard to keep his private life private so much so that his teammates had no idea he was married or had a family. It would take us serioulsy tragic and personal understanding to convince Hawkeye about his personal life and who he is. As long as Cap is defending that and Stark threatning it, Ironman better watch his back.

  1. Scarlet Witch


She’s been inside Stark’s head, so she pretty much knows about his fears. That and the resentment towards him for his hand in killing her family, we should see her avoid when he comes proposing his well intentioned propaganda. She’s already been through torture and manipulation.


Team IronMan

  1. Black Widow


Black Widow is most probably the biggest question mark in the fight between the legends. But as we’ve seen the trailer which indicates that She’ll be siding with Ironman because her loyalty lies with government and SHIELD. Another fan theory suggests that we should not be surprised to find out that she might be working as double agent for Captain America.

  1. War Machine


According to comics, After the Vietnam War was over and after taking several career paths including mercenary work, Rhodes finally took Stark’s offer and became Stark’s personal pilot, chief aviation engineer for Stark International, and one of Stark’s closest friends. Rhody will always be Tony’s guy at heart, so when the conflict arises will obviously give the benefit of the doubt to Tony.

  1. Vision


Stark’s baby boy in infinity stones is definitely the wild card since the Vision is created from the Artificial Intelligence of Jarvis only.

  1. Black Panther



Even though its assumed that black panther will take a neutral stance when it comes to a fight between the heroes. With the rest of the world suddenly knocking on the doorstep, if he’s going to pick up a side it will be most likely be with IronMan.

Let us know who’s side are you on!


Who’s side are you on?

Team Captain America

Team Ironman

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What’s in this picture? only 6% can see it.

We often come across great illusionary images which take a lot of out time in figuring what exactly are we looking at. After digging off the internet I came across one of such illusions. The legend is only 6% of the total viewers could find out what exactly is in this picture.


Let’s see if you are amongst those 6%.



via Ilja Klemencov / Re:Vision

Where you amongst those who saw it?


Did you find out what was in the image?

Yes, sure.
Naaah, I have better things to do.
That’s a man flying. It’s a superman?

Poll Maker

Well for those who didn’t :- try moving the picture near and far from you.

What did you see? a Panda? We thought it might be Superman. pcchhh.