5 SC/ST quota students expelled from UoH on the grounds of harassing students and poor academics

University of Hyderabad reportedly expelled five of it’s PhD students from the college after it was found that they were involved in harassing other students from the university over castism on 4th January 2016. The five students D. Prasanth, Ch. Seshaiah, V Sunkanna, V Rohit and D Vijay Kumar got an admission into the university thanks to the reservation policy of India which supports and helps students to raise from the low to a higher position in society, but definitely not on poverty basis.


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The five SC/ST students also a member of Ambedkar Students Association (ASA), were reported to attack on Mr. Susheel Kumar who is also the ABVP president from UoH. Susheel who posted on the social media citing ASA as a group of goons. Later Susheel found himself surrounded by the ASA students and being threatened to have a crimminal case against him for caste base descrimination to which had to apologies. Afraid of the mob he did apologize. But little Susheel knew, his apology was not the end as he was found injured the very next morning and was immediately hospitalized.

Expelled students protesting outside the hostel.
Expelled students protesting outside the hostel.

Later a criminal case against these 5 Sc/ST scholars were filed. After college authority got involved in this case, it was established that these students were much involved in politics and ASA that they kept their academic career at a stake. They also tried to built a student nexus based on caste in lieu of upcoming student elections in campus.


Before expelling these students, UoH also found out that they were playing the Dalit Victim Card and using words like “euressian brahmin” or “hindu baniya” while calling their classmates.


To uplift the needy and poor is an act of civility but it’s time to understand and draw a line between needy and hackneyed. Time to over come the drawbacks of our present system and build a new reservation system which will undoubtedly support the real “deprived” classes of the real and modern India.