Civil War Super bowl trailer is out. Things to gasp about but where is spidey?

Well, well, well The much awaited captain America Civil war trailer from the the super bowl games 2016 is here and we can’t stop talking about it. The 30 second clip says a lot more than you might have thought of.


Trailer starting with Bucky being confined for a still unknown purpose but it can be predicted that the American Government is behind this and this might not be wrong to say the TEAM IRONMAN is responsible for this. No wonder we see Caps so furious in the next frame.


The next important thing to see was BUCKY V/S TONY STARK!



When Tony sees Bucky coming up the stairs with his metallic hand he does something new and awesome. Another new tech of the Ironman is introduced. Tony just rips and pulls a gadget on his wrist and KABOOM! we get to see the hand gloves of the fancy Ironman suit!


No wonder the next scene shows Bucky firing bullet on Tony and the Iron hand doing the talking.


Now we also finally got to see one more member of the Team Captain America. Yes, for the first time in Civil war trailers we saw Ant-Man. It was predicted that the Ant-Man was in the previous trailer but we were not able to see him cause, you know he is an Ant-like. Putting the curtain on the mystery we saw Ant-Man standing with the Team Captain America which has the strength of Captain America, Bucky, Scarlett Witch, Hawk-Eye and the wing-man Falcon.

Team Captain America
Team Captain America

On the other hand we saw the team Iron-Man and we mostly know who all are in this team. The so far team of five has Iron-Man himself, Vision, War Machine, The Black Panther and the Scarlett of this side, Agent Natasha Romanoff aka The Black Widow.

Team Iron-Man
Team Iron-Man

Apart from so much awesomeness we saw, it’s still a mystery that where is Spiderman? Trailer after trailer, day after days we keep waiting for Peter Parker and he is still seen no where.

Courtesy : comicbooknews


So which side are you on? Here’s the list of team members and the ultimate poll. Take a look and chose your side.




Watch the trailer here :-

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