Nakshatra, an annual gathering fest, is the most awaited event of MITAOE every year. The week prior to Nakshatra is celebrated by different days like saree day, traditional day, group alike day, retro day etc. This year the college experienced something very unique on the traditional day.

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Mitoe was filled with colours on the traditional day. The various cultures spread across the country had merged into the college campus. The students came into their best outfits representing their tradition. Everyone was busy capturing the moment, posing for photographs. People were so busy clicking selfies that they didn’t even bother what was going around. Suddenly the voice of two girls quarrelling striked the ears of them. Within a few seconds a huge crowd gathered near the spot were the fight was going on. And then the crowd realized that there wasn’t a qurrel going on rather it was just to attract a crowd. There MITAOE received its first ever FLASH MOB..!!



A group of 30 students entered the spot and danced on “rang de basanti”. The crowd stood surprised with their mouths wide open. The dance was so energetic that it made the crowd dance along. People forgetting their selfies, cheered for the performers. Then there was a small act on women empowerment and then a dance on ” jai ho”. . The dance was so well synchronized and was mesmerising to watch.


The flash mob was an amazing combo of entertainment plus social awareness. The flash mob ended with a salute to the nation. The performance was greatly applauded by the crowd which remarked it to be a great success. The hard work of over a month bought the performers a great success in the form of applauds and compliments. The flash mob was counted to be one of the best performances of Nakshatra 2k16.

We the team Jigyasa, want this world to be a better place to live on and what better than starting with educating the next generation?