Is Oliver’s son William going to die in the ARROW?

From the first episode of this season of the CW hit series ARROW, all the fanboys and fangirls are wondering only one thing. The Question has made each and all of us scratch our minds. With release of each new episode the fan theories of death of a character comes into picture. Some predicted John Diggle is going to die, while some were supporting the death cause of Laurel. Even a theory came about death of Captain Lance.

The mid season finale of the DC comic based TV series might have given many “OLICITY” fans a heartbreak as it seemed to be the death of Felicity Smoak after Ghosts army attacked the car of Oliver right after he proposed his love interest. Though, the next episode showed her being paralysed and alive. Thea Queen on the other hand had the lust for blood at its peak. Thanks to some badass decisions by Oliver Queen, she’s alive now with the cost of lifetime rivalry with the Malcolm Merlyn.


The Trial by combat between Nyssa Al Ghul and Ra’s Al Ghul (Malcolm) did not started well as Oliver went to follow his marriage vows and took the sword against Merlyn. The outcome of the combat was the end of 3 years of hate between Oliver and Malcolm or was it a new beginning to a more dreadful rivalry?

death mercy

Malcolm threatening Oliver Queen about making his life full of misery and even death would be a mercy. The last scene of the episode shows Malcolm meeting Damien Darhk and shaking hands (metaphorically) with him by letting Darhk know the real weakness of Oliver being his son from Central City, William but not Felicity.

William with Oliver having a father-son moment.

Yes, William the son of Oliver Queen and Samantha Clayton the girl whom Oliver’s mother Moira Queen offered a million dollar to abort the child and move out of the life of Oliver and also the Starling City. She moved out of Starling but didn’t abort the child and Oliver came to know about it when he visited Central City in the Flash and Arrow crossover this season. Point to note that Felicity is still to know about Oliver’s child. Is this the reason why they will breakup? There wasn’t any ring on Felicity’s finger in the awkward limousine ride outside the graveyard.

As the comics are to be referred, there is no WILLIAM, the son of Oliver. In comics name of Oliver’s son was Connor Hawke who later became the Green arrow. Also, she was son of Oliver and Sandra “Moonday” Hawke.

SO the question of the week is, IS WILLIAM GOING TO DIE?



If the recent dialogue between Darhk and Malcolm are to be taken seriously, we can’t rule out this discussion because you know Malcolm and Darhk are no back street thugs. The aggression on the face of Malcolm clearly implies he is going to go on any extent to take everything from Oliver Queen.

This might also result in the next FLARROW verse where Oliver and Barry might meet again to either save William or take revenge against the killers of William. Arrow this season has been at it’s best. They are turning the miseries of last season into awesomeness for this season and anything can’t be predicted for the Arrow.