What we feel in the First year of college

Being a first year student …. It fills me with pride to write about the tragedies we first years face in our respective lives …. Some FE’s as they call it here are lucky enough to get into good colleges with amazing crowd ( by crowd -you know what I m talking about πŸ˜‰ ) while others aren’t that lucky ( like me πŸ™ .. Sad rite ?.. Never mind ).
We keep bugging about the crowd , the faculty and this and that …. But do these things really matter much ? …ummm okay! Let’s find out..
So , being a 12th grader and a non contender of being an IITian …. An average Indian student on an average seeks three -four things …. Crowd ,campus, faculty and placements.




Talking about crowd and campus …. Every college girl or guy wants their life to be full of ohhhh Lala guys and girls who are “bright ,intellectual and ambitious”.
But that’s what does not happen in reality…. We are acquainted by the fact that no individual is same …Precisely everyone is different , every individual has his/her own set of qualities and we need to accept that …. We can never find a college that suits us rather we need to adjust according to it …and that’s lesson 1…



Campussss! …. First thought about that -” Bhai college Kaisa bhi Ho -campus mast Hona chahiye”
This is the primary thought that must have crossed our minds n number of times….and it’s surely an integral part of the college selection process.
What we seek for in a cool campus is a big ground, many places to chill and for chill there can be many meanings to it πŸ˜‰ so yeah XD. Also it should have an awesome canteen with at least some edible delicacies.
These are some minimal things that a first year guy/girl aspires for.
But mere bhai bandhuyon .. Just in case you didn’t get this ideal campus thing in your life…. Worry not brother … you will one day realise that it’s not the campus that you would remember fours years down the line ,rather It would be the memories that you made with your group, your seniors and with your friends on collage days, festivals and events regardless of the fact that what kind of campus you had.
So lesson no. 2 for you…


Faculty – or we can say the teachers from our respective departments. We have this very nice and jolly kind of image of our school teachers who have always been with us and helped us in our journey through these twelve years of school life, and that’s how we think that our college teachers might be …. Umm may be a little strict than our school teachers but the rest must be the same …. But my dear friends …. It’s not always the case .. In many colleges ( including mine) the college faculties aren’t as supportive as it seems … It’s sad to say but in many colleges (again including mine ) the wings of talents are chained down even before it aspires to fly. But nevertheless my friends … Where there is a will there’s a way ..so inspite of the faculty being not very good, you might shine as bright as you may want to. Faculty does not play that much of a role which your talent does.



Placements-the most sought and thought after criteria my friends …
With this fourth thing many students are ready to compromise on crowd, campus and faculty. Cause in the end the whole thing is that “ki bhaiya sabse Bada rupiya.”
Yes, that’s true ! Every middle class Indian boy or girl aspires to get a good job and support his/her family with the financial stuff, and it’s actually a very good and genuine thought, but my friends …. Placements are not that ex girlfriends of yours who will be back with you with just a meet. She’s the prettiest girl in the campus behind whom you and all your mates are running. Once you get it, you feel… Thoda AUR wait karta toh shayad isse better package milta.
The best part of getting placed is that you no longer survive your status on marks. A student with 55% has the same respect as that of a 75% scorer.
Now comes the ugly part, the new criteria of judging people is by asking them ” How much in hand dude ? “
Only 4 lakh ? Gosh … Same offer was rejected by my uncle’s neighbour’s son! Ohh ,Poor you ! ” this really does happen…
But remember my friends placements do not decide the intellect and capability of an individual …. What makes him successful is his willpower, determination and hard work.
During this course of our college selection … We make choices according to our whims and fancies which may not be a wise decision to make … What we need to understand is the true essence of college life …. An awesome and successful college life doesn’t begin with a cool crowd or a luxurious sprawling campus or may be a super qualified faculty or heavy placement offers ,rather …..it’s the memories and friends you make during this beautiful journey that makes ones college life a memorable and awesome one, so let’s not fall prey to this first year tragedy of thoughts … Let’s enjoy our and accept every bit of college life as it comes…hence signing off with a personal experience my friends-
” I m a first year engineering student …. It’s been seven months into this college which according to me has no cool crowd, no sprawling campus, no awesome stuff and I obviously hated it at first….. But there’s something different in the way I think now….I have outgrown the materialistic stuff by trying to see the reality…. I have begun to taste the true essence of college life and that’s how I have begun cherishing every moment that i spend at this institution …. A special thanks to my seniors to make me fall in love with my college life… And I m sure it’s just the beginning…”