Things that Every NORTH-EAST Indian is tired of hearing



achha ji you are from nagaland ? How does it feel to be in india? Nice? ”
Sir ji, it feels like mere-baap-ka switzerland. You can gtfo. Thank you!
Wow the dilemma of the great great ignorants of this country you see. Well i would not really be a butthurt here. To be honest it feels out of the world to come from a place where nobody really knows your culture (although it feels like an alien but who cares ????).
Ok so there are few things which are “absolute facts” ( when i say absolute facts i mean, “beta universal truth” ) for most of them who know little about the north-eastern states of INDIA and generalize us as faaak.
Let me get them straight to you one by one (maane ek ke baad ek).


Number 1. The goddamn CUISINE

northeast? How do you like eating snakes? Barbequed, fried or RAW? “
No thank you, i would rather eat a roasted human being with paprika, cilantro and some gingerised mayonnaise .


So this is one thing where they generalize us as if we are all piglets of the same momma-piggy ( uhh gross? I know but what else could i really put forward as a comparison here ).

Number 2. The BAMBOO HOUSES . Yayyy!!

” so you come from the hills? How does it feel to live in tree houses? Awww how romantic. “
Darling, Tarzan is a fictional character and you should definitely do three things in your life, Get out of those Tarzan tales, take some brain activating syrup and get a real life for god’s sake.


We effing do have plains and houses made of bricks and cement too. We also have pole houses but they are so much more eco-friendly, eco-nomical and everything else that helps our mother-like ecosystem stand tall. You get it? No? Bye take care.

Number 3. The MONGOLOID facial features

” you are from assam? You don’t look like one. “
Because not every guy looks like Jackie Chan over there. As not every person is as outstandingly ignorant as you are . Hi-five!

Chinese family or Olympic team

So it’s a myth. Trust me it’s a myth if you think we all have those mongoloid (i.e. chinese or may be nepalese) facial features . We all are fair with little stretched eyes and pakoda-like nose? Effing no, one of my cousin looks like mammootty (a legendary south indian actor if you didn’t know) and many others do too. So it’s all a myth, you see.

So if we keep counting we have an endless list of things people judge us or generalize us about. But because we never cared, we are everywhere in the world. With almost negligible literacy rate (in comparison with other economically advanced states) , never-ending seasonal poverty, heart breaking stories of racism and terrorism at it’s height, we never really stopped growing.


All hail the iron lady IROM SHARMILA, all hail the pride of country MARY KOM.

Bharat Mata ki seriously Jai . Hope you liked reading it. If it was relatable give us a thumbs up ????. Lots of love from Shruti. Thank you! Tata! See ya!