Would you compromise on your own happiness in an attempt to make relationship work?

The other day when I was talking to my friend, she said that it’s been a long time that I’ve come up with a relationship post. No sooner did she suggest me a topic- Compromise, than she started sharing her views. She said “A relationship demanding sacrifices of your own happiness is not worth keeping. Instead we continue to sacrifice our happiness for our loved ones. But the question is till when the relation will work….. Naah! It won’t last forever. Demands are never fulfilled… You keep on sacrificing and their demands keep on increasing. The day you realize this, it’s too late by then… In every one’s life there comes a situation when they take all your happiness, they take all of you. You aren’t left with anything with you that will make you happy (they take your heart and return it never). Because such a relation is not gonna last forever. So next time you feel sacrificing your happiness for the relation to work, better get your heart back from them and move on… The world is a better place to live even without them.”


And of course, till then, I was ready with my thoughts.

Compromise alone won’t make a relationship work no matter how great the sacrifice is. One should ALSO learn to let their partner do mistakes yet ACCEPT them for who they are. Right Balance of compromise and Acceptance will make a relationship work in a healthy way. Generally we seek for such a partner who are different from us in quite a many manners. Different manners are created from different thoughts and depths and values. Hence, it’s quite obvious that there will be clashes. And if I want my partner to change his habits then I too must necessarily change a few of my habits too which she would want me to. And this is where the relationship get its meaning. Otherwise it’s the same as being single. However one must understand the difference between compromise and sacrifice. Every relationship wants time for deeper and better understanding. Human nature has both side positive and negative, there is no one perfect. After knowing and understanding about positive and negative side, we have to work on it to improve ourselves. Improving ourselves is called very true meaning of “life”. Love is always your strong side, but sometimes is going to be weak side, depends on your understanding.



One word to say “Time” and “Understanding” makes your relationship stronger. Let free yourself to people, so they can understand you very well and even they express themselves. Trust begins with the heart, understanding begins with mind, both are equally important for relationship and life. It all depends on what makes you happy or precisely the source of happiness! If being with someone does, definitely a bit of compromise should lead to a better relationship and that in turn might make you happy! Compromise and selflessness are the basics of any relationship as per my view. But comprised happiness should result in a fruitful relationship. If someone is sacrificing his/her own happiness for someone it means something priceless and there must be something in return. Respect and love should be mutual so as the compromise otherwise until the threshold relationship will work and then the hearts will feel pain which cannot be healed easily. Compromising on the little things to save a bigger thing – your relationship – shouldn’t be such a problem, I think. But of course it has to be two way. One person can’t go on compromising on his happiness and not take consideration of his interests while the other doesn’t understand. With just the right element of understanding and a little bit of compromising, a relationship works in the long term!