Pikachef’s – How to cook a Frittata in 30 minutes

Brunch is a time between breakfast and lunch. On a free weekend, when you are feeling lazy and wake up late. Or if you have friends over and wanna cook an early meal. There’s no reason why you can’t have all that real quick. Instead of getting food ordered you can actually create something that’s very healthy, hearty, tasty and puts a smile on your friends’ faces. So, if you think you haven’t got time to cook, then think again!


Let’s begin by reducing some confusion here. Frittata may sound like a complicated thing to make. It’s actually nothing but a very large omelette. I guess everyone has made omelettes at least once in their lifetime. The key ingredient here is bacon. And bacon ain’t bacon if it ain’t smoked! So try to get the best outta your money!

Let’s get started…

I need everything to be prepared before, pan sizzling hot, oven preheated.

Put a splash of oil on your heated pan. As soon as the oil hits the pan, it starts to make some noise. So you’re gonna have to be very quick from here onwards.
Slice your smoked bacon stripes and put into your pan. Don’t put any salt, it has already got saltiness. Put black pepper powder.
Start off on a high heat, try to get the bacon very crispy. Trust me it’s important.
After that, turn down the gas and start adding your veggies.

Chopped red peppers
Chopped green peppers
Spring onions
And roughly chopped basil leaves to give it a nice aroma
Add just a pinch of salt here

We’re looking charming here. The idea of cooking eggs is very dull. Frittata in my mind really makes eggs look alive.

Meanwhile break eggs in a bowl and season them with salt and pepper. Whisk till you get smooth consistency.

Keep things moving in the pan, it’s on high heat so we don’t want our veggies to burn. Those peppers need some love and onions will get caramelized soon. You can add other veggies also, like peas, tomatoes, beans, but I’m keeping it simple.

Now as soon as your veggies start to tenderize, put in knobs of butter over them. Also, get yourself some good quality Cheddar cheese. You can get it in any supermarket. Have the cheese dotted around your pan, later you will discover these little pockets of creamy cheese. You can do this with any other cheese as well like goat’s cheese.

After this slowly add the eggs into the pan. Fill your pan and cover all your veggies. Mix it well and try to get all that egg to the bottom of your pan. Bring it back on high heat.

Now, shave some of your cheese on the top. Use one of those small graters to grate the cheese. This will go straight into the preheated oven at 200°C for 15 minutes. This would be enough to cook the eggs through and the veggies to perfection.

IC : recipes.coles.com.au
IC : recipes.coles.com.au

The moment of truth is here! It smells outrageous. Just take your paring knife and release the frittata from the sides and edges of your pan. Tapping the pan a few times will hopefully release the frittata from the bottom of the pan. Put your plate over the pan and turn that gently onto your plate. Keep shaking the pan till the frittata is released onto your plate. This is a quick way of plating your omelette without making a mess, instead of lifting and placing.


Served with a stack of hot buttered toast and a steaming pot of coffee, this easy frittata turned our humble egg into the perfect dish for kicking off the weekend. A brunch to die for!