Terrorism and what is Jihad?

Terrorism is just a word in English but it is a hazard for mankind. INDIA faces the problems of poverty, population ,hunger and literacy, but spread of terrorism is the most frightening to all. Be it is in the small countries like Israel and Syria but also in the mammoth ones like US and RUSSIA. terrorism has become the main challenge for most of the government today.

Terrorism is not unthinking violence. Terrorists are very specific for what they want. they posses the greatest threat to mankind.they know no friends and recognise no rules. PM Narendra Modi has pointed out that the UN, despite its existence of 70 years has not been able to arrive at a definition for terrorism the un accepted this in a paper of oct 7,2005 by sixth committee. this is just because of the fear that it might lead to “profiling and linking problems with any religious faith.” But do u really think all these ruthless hellhounds belong to any religion?? A commonly accepted definition is just a mirage. even in India we have not been able to arrive at a consensus on what constituents terrorism.

On 9 ,11 the us experienced an act of overt terrorism unparalleled in its history. the extremists terrorists group Al-Quaida attacked the us and briefly paralysed a nation. How many such examples should be given,whether its of 26/11, Paris attacks, Kashmir issues between india and Pakistan,recent Pathankot attacks,Peshawar school killing and brutal activities carried out by ISIS. everything has just disgraced humanity. The world is witnessing rise of terrorists activities in different of its part a number of groups owning alliance to some political ideology or some particular religious beliefs have chosen the path of violence and terror to achieve their satan objectives. They believe in the power of gun and want to achieve their objective overnight.


Terrorists put their lives in the gates of hell considering their devilish act as a jihad. Jihad is not a violent concept .jihad is not a declaration of war against other religion.

then What is jihad??

The arabic word jihad is often translated as a’ holy war’.but in purely linguistic sense,the word jihad means struggling and striving . the arabic word for war is ‘al harb’. In religious sense as described by the QURAN and teachings of prophet Mohammad jihad has many meanings.it can refer to internal as well as external efforts to be good muslims and as well as working to inform people about faith of islam. So jihad has nothing to do with war. When I think of this. I do always remember a very heart touching dialogue of Nana Patekar who played role of Rakesh maria for Ajmal amir Kasab in film 26,11 based on Mumbai attacks. And it was like…


I would just say terrorism is something which should be abolished from this little place called ‘earth’.people want peace but instead you get people going around killing people causing great trauma across the world.

Just think…….??

If u lost one of your loved ones in such an act .it wouldn’t be easy to take in and would leave u raged with anger with the people who cause such tragedy.this is the same passion that I have for terrorism and why it should be abolished .

I hope everyone can have the same passion as I do….. In the end I would just like to say…


Na hindu bura hai,na musalman bura hai,

Na sikh bura hai,na isai bura hai;

Are burai pe jo utar aye’

Bas woh insaan bura hai…….

Jai hind jai bharat………..