BASHING NEGATIVE CRITICS of Batman Vs Superman : Dawn of Justice

While coming out of the movie hall, my hands were up into the air, face with a naive smile. Naive smile like one I had when I got my first Batman action figure at 6. Call me a fanboy but this is how most of us were at that moment. We had accomplished something big, we had just finished watching Batman Vs Superman : DAWN OF JUSTICE.

It made me sad when I saw the negative reviews of the movie all over internet and was worried where exactly the critics want to take a comic-book movie? Are all superhero movies considered to be witty? What’s wrong in showing the dark side of a comic-book movie? At the end of the day this world isn’t all flowers and chocolates. There are people, people like me who crave to see serious superhero stuff, the stuffs which we imagined in our heads while reading the comics. Then something clicked me, I loved the movies, my friends loved the movie, all those dudes on internet who were waiting for this movie from long loved the movie. Do you know why? Because we went to watch the real DC! those who understand how DC actually functions loved the flick and at the end of the day : CRITICS WATCH THE MOVIE FOR MONEY & WE FANS FOR THE PLEASURE FOR OUR EYES AND SOULS.


To understand what went in the Batman Vs Superman : DAWN OF JUSTICE, there are few prerequisites
1. Read comics
2. Understand DC Universe.

The idea of this movie was much above the critics to understand and basically for the fans DC has gathered for so long. Because you know at the end of the day what matters is a happy joyous fan. Zack Snyder did a good representation of the iconic comic-book images and turned them into live action scenes with nail-biting thrills.

Now hunting the negatives :


(In red what the critics said).

1.Movie was only a platform for future movies


MY TAKE : I Agree that the movie is a platform for future DC movies, as DC will be releasing Justice League-I and Wonder Woman next year with Suicide Squad already in pocket for the year end. If they don’t done something like this then we might have ended up having another Avengers assemble movie which we surely don’t want cause you know ‘DC copying Marvel?’ It’s always been the other way round.

The idea of representing The Flash, Aquaman and Cyborg in the database of Lex Corp, shows what change has the movie brought from actual comic book lineup and this also hints thats the Justice League formation is going to be kickass as Batman will research on them all to make sure how to control each one of them.

2. Cliched scene : Lois Lane getting trapped into while searching for the Kryptonian spare.


MY TAKE : To start with, this movie is basically a sequel to the MAN OF STEEL, if people recall it correctly Clark Kent and Lois Lane are the leading characters. It is destined that they have a special bond, a bond which every couple wants to have. The scene showcased the romance and duty of a superhero very politely and carefully. The purpose to represent such was to inspire Superman to pick up the spare and attack Doomsday and what better inspiration than watching love of your life risking herself to make things easier for the SEMI-JUSTICE TEAM. and at the end of the day Superman managed to save Lois’s life thrice in the movie, that’s how their relationship works. One of the three savings included catching her when she was pushed off the tower, SPIDEY BURNS!



MY TAKE : You sure about this? He is going to fight SUPERMAN! THE SUPERMAN! Batman known to be the best with the prep time can beat anyone. Wearing the extra heavy metallic armour, he needs to learn to take the load. Not like Tony Stark taking on Hulk in Avengers : Age of Ultron, Ironman can fly, even he should have practiced wearing that suit. This is the edge. Where Batman beats everyone else. DC beats rest. The realistic flavour with unearthly creatures. Batman being a human needs to practice hard to take up the beatings from Superman.

4. People are tired of watching MARTHA AND BRUCE DIE ALL THE TIME


MY TAKE : The “becoming Batman when parents die” is new birth of Bruce Wayne and with no initial planning for a solo Batman movie, this scene was crucial to show people his motivation.

This scene was also the same reason Batman didn’t kill Superman, the name Martha. If they haven’t shown the scene again and again, it could have been tough for viewers to realise Martha was the name of Batman and Superman’s mother.Yeah, they were not brothers, but surely brother from different mother. Suppose they had not shown the death scene, most of the critics might have added an extra negative point citing ” Why batman didn’t kill superman was unclear”.

5. Jesse Eisenberg’s Lex Luthor, is so intensely annoying


MY TAKE : I will love to tie horns with The Hollywood reporter on this. More over such a review made me laugh. When I first saw Jesse as Lex, I was worried but then I did something strange, I GAVE HIM A SHOT. Now, after watching the movie I can proudly say Well done Jesse, for us you’re no more the Facebook guy, but the crazy, egoist maniac who won’t think for a second when it will come to destroying Superman and Batman. Jesse’s character lacked confidence when it came to public speaking at first but when he was turned with Batman stealing his property, we saw some other Luthor, the one we deserve.

6. Gal Gadot failed as Wonder Woman? Why Ben Affleck as Batman? Henry Cavil isn’t the right Superman.


MY TAKE : Why would they cast a skinny lady for the role of wonder woman? Such things came right from the day she was casted as Wonder Woman, but now after the movie is out, I haven’t seen any hater criticising her. She infact is doing a role for which she will be remembered in future with respect. Same goes for BATfleck and Cavil.



MY TAKE : DC is known for the dark movies. They don’t deal much with the wit. You have Marvel for it. When you need hardcore, realistic superhero stuff you watch/read DC. This Movie has serious characters like Batman and Superman and when it comes to superhero wit in DC, The Flash and Green Lantern take control of it. Yes, for sure there were some shabby one liners by Alfred Pennyworth on Bruce Wayne for not having kids or a date.

To conclude, Welcome to the new era of movies people, something more subtle and real (if such things ever happen).

P.S with Batman Vs Superman : DAWN OF JUSTICE already having the biggest Thursday evening premier so far is a day away from breaking Avengers : Age Of Ultron‘s record of highest grossing superhero movie ever on opening day. FANS : 1, CRITICS : 0.


Vendetta of politics : Lost reminiscence of humanity

In all the hustle of the day from submitting assignments to repairing two wheeler I found a rather disturbing fact on Television media about 13 men coming up and beating a very much more productive individual of 40 years who had an occupation of a Dentist over a Road Brushing incident which was entirely protective as a parent. Right after that I saw the same channel asking for answers on twitter through a hashtag which was stated majorly as why do Delhi Drivers have a short temper problem over roads.
1] Firstly how beautifully is this moral issue of 4 juvenile boys plus 9 more men trying to exercise their rich road fantasy of beating someone up which definitely calls for an educational or background check which will determine how utterly worthless they were to their society , country and humanity.
Article in the times of India
2] Secondly stating how was the topic generalize to a topic which people find easy to answer , just like “ye toh bihari hai”, “ye ladki hoke itne chote kapde kyu pehnti hai ” etc etc. People majorly are stupid these days and go with whatever they see. Now the fact that there were 4 juvenile boys immediately makes it a case of indecency and unethical bringing up. More in the shadows of gods who don’t allow different religions to coexist or that of women being inferior. That is the root of the issue rather than it being “People of Delhi losing it on Roads”.
Late Dr Pankaj Narang
Yes prior to this topic of road rage is due to poor traffic management or constructions which is very well iced with the beautiful arrogance flaw we generate so soon, as we wish to accept all the lies we make for ourselves. The manner less movement of the people themselves, the ones sitting and maybe tweeting or debating over ” sarkar kisi kam ki nahi ” are the ones . The root of the problem is us and that we never inculcated moral values and never understood the greatness and the functioning of religions that they were some how created or “existed” to teach us how to function together and keep this planet alive. Imagine I just told you to stop right at my last sentence and see what is actually going around ? Killing of our own species at first and in search of more power disrupting the balance of nature. Well I’m no Magician that i knew your answer, i’m just bluntly telling you the truth.Hitting a horse until his leg is broken in a protest by a Member of legislative assembly. I wish he really knew what it means because one thing I am certain of that we are the animals. Such individuals have the gut to do such inhumane things while the poor still struggles for a complete meal, see how riches is affecting the minds of illiterate class. Holding on to proper education facilities and total involvement of population can only lead to changing such deficient thought process of narcissistic people and of their so called followers. It can only start from the roots.
Bjp MLA hitting a Govt horse breaking his legs later on.
Coming to the turmoil created in our beautiful nation by some people. Well if you consider yourself to be a simple and straight forward individual, you will get through this thought. Rohith Vemula’s leaving us behind was created as a political battle ground because of having some content for war and creating minority vote banks for next election rather than concentrating on the topics which need attention and which have been look through till now. There aren’t too many people who now understand the Ideology of a Nation specially the one we belong to. Just standing and able to see different ideologies coming together with warmth and generosity, with acceptance and love is what this country is all about. This country has never thrown someone who has spoken against it neither it will and i believe this is the beautiful mistakes we make which makes our mother cry. There isn’t a single thing without a deteriorating nature and this will end too, if we keep going about it ” why Not Ammi why Mata “. Bloody hell, this burnt every single inch on my skin. We all made our mothers cry because of our doings but we learn and become something they could be proud about. We are at a stage of annihilating our mother land all for Votes, power and the other materialistic greed of man.
regular disruption of house assembly by oppositions
Pity on those who support such outrageous judgments which are firstly stated by false idols of nugatory followers and thoughts. People without fear of judgement and no sense of judgement.Just for a little lie they make which is a goal,an ambition which is no matter how worthless but priceless to such beings. And to achieve that with such moral less mouths on public platforms is not acceptable. I believe it is bring out all of the shallowest people on our faces.
Ambitions have caused wars, world wars, countries at war. Their ambition consumed them with all the other connected to the trail directly indirectly. Just like a star is expected to collapse in itself and consumes everything around it , even light. Right direction has to be provide by someone who goes against all these odds to define what he thinks is correct and will support the cause. And Our Prime minister has done quite a lot of work. We need to teach ourselves to be productive with others to rather be a cause of hindrance to the growth of our nation. On the real world this has gone far more worse to cause dis integrity of our nation on majority minority grounds just because there was no answer to the work done and productivity for the opposition. Collecting racial and community vote bank immunity to win the next election is more important than the nation which you serve as a public servant. It is such a heartbreak for a person who believes a lot in the heart of things which give life .








Watching all those shows just made me more sure of what I am writing today and that you need to believe in self assessment and home assessment and to become better and helpful citizens to the state rather than a bunch of kids who have dispatched just 19 years before in a country whose struggle is more than 100 years old and still running while they rant slogans against it.

Beast of no Nation
Find more inside yourself and spread the liberal nature of this country rather than supporting the hypocrisy just like the Media does as I did mention earlier. As for me, and for this case we need to spread more of education over and less of power and land games. Education indirectly channelize the urge of learning new things and to better things in life like sports, science, politics, business, Bio-genetics, nuclear research, Astronomy etc . Where as leaving your curious kids around people who are visibly having no purpose of life and living gateway life is much more worse and is the cause of this Imbecile. Nothing more, nothing can get more real and true. I will leave my thoughts to your lips to remember and never to forget
“Bharat Mata ki Jai, Bharat Mata ki jai, Bharat mata ko jai”
Picture sketch Of Bharat Mata by Abanindranath Tagore dating back to 1905
For every person who would has a problem from this, I will not certainly care but will follow what ideologies those people fought for. Who had a mind and a vision for the betterment and happiness of this country and the people on this land. I am still with them, and their revolution to change this country into a free land, full of colors of prosperity and to conserve its beautiful nature of the integrity.
“Inquilab Zindabad”
My reason behind this post was Late Dr Pankaj Narang who was brought out of his house and beaten to death. I will not let his loss go in vain. We mourn your absence, Rest in peace.


New text from Mom: “Can you respond to the email I just sent you?”​

1. Get good at texting, because they know it’s your preferred method of communication.

2. Join social networks they don’t understand to follow you and you alone. Maybe also your cousin.
3. Follow the weather in the city where you live so she can call and be like “hope you wore a coat today!!”
4. Drop everything she might have had planned if you express interest in coming home from school for the weekend.
5. If you are coming home for the weekend, she’ll also prepare for your visit like some superstar is coming and also buy enough food to feed you for several weeks.
6. Text you to let you know she’s emailed you about something (or the other way around).
7. Leave a voicemail just saying to call her back even though you’ll see the missed call. Literally 95 percent of your voicemails are that (the other 5 percent are wrong numbers).
maxresdefault (1)
8. Send you articles that have only slight relevance to your life with urgent subject lines like, “THOUGHT YOU MIGHT LIKE TO READ THIS,” or, “INTERESTING”
9. Tell you (over the phone or text) that it’s time to get ready for bed even though it’s only 9:30 and also you’re not 8 years old.
10. Get super excited when she learns a #cool thing kids say and drops it into every sentence. LOL, on fleek, etc
11. Tell you all the family gossip even when she’s not supposed to.

12. Hug you when something’s wrong, whether it’s heartbreak or you just stubbed your toe.

Pc : hercampus
Pc : hercampus

Love you mom….


1.Jab lagawela tu lipishtick


OMFG!, The DJ is not complete without this song. As soon as they play this track, the population on the dance floor escalates in powers of three.
The bihari rhythm will make you snap your fingers, tap your feet.
Anddddddddd the lyrics! Whoever penned the lyrics down, man you are a legend. He has this hilarious sense of humor which made this bhojpuri track a super-duper hit throughout the country.

2. The bhojpuri Philam industry



Bhaiyya ji, tumse na ho payib. Lmao!
Who doesn’t know about Manoj Tiwari (manojwa) , Ravi Kishan , Shatrughan Sinha and their epic dialogues. The legends of indian film industry of their very own kind you know.

The bhojpuri film industry has it’s own charm.
With eccentric chatt-makk costumes, the hilarious movie titles, the never ending saga of maar-peet, dhishoom-dhishoom, with almost same tag-line in every film (as in ek villain tha, ek hero tha, hero ne bachaya heroine ko aur pyar ho gaya), it’s still fun watching a bhojpuri movie with friends and rofling the hell out of it.

3. Litti chokha and maa ka pyaar


Now if we talk about cuisines, we know biharis are real foodies and nothing can be better than a chilled glass of sattu, aroma of jaggery from Thekuas ????, crispy mouth wattering malpuas.
oh f*ck!!
Last time when my friend brought me these from Patna she turned my b*tchmode on. I was like ” you a*s, how could you stay these many miles away from such orgasmic food, i mean, you gotto be a little too retarded to do this to yourself”, damnnnnnn punish me if i was wrong.

4. The bhojpuri versions of hollywood block busters.


Honestly the bhojpuri version of kill bill has been one of my favourites in the list. I have mentioned a few others they will drive you crazy lol.

Inception – Sapanwa mein sapanwa mein sapanwa
The hangover – Oh raat, sasuri
Man of steel – badan loha ba
Godzilla – Jab jab aawat hai, dharti hil hil jaawat hai
The Godfather – Maai Baap

Hilarious, eh? ????????????

5. Their hilarious accent.


We don’t know if it’s an in-built feature but every Bihari can speak languages in their own way. Such as hindi in Bihari accent, english in Bihari accent, marathi in Bihari accent and ofcourse Bihari in Bihari accent (samajh rahe hain ki nahi?). Wished I could attach a sound clip here. I am a good mimic.

Now i won’t really generalize things . But but but you have to agree with me on this, Biharis have the most happening accent ever.

6. The emotional fool Bihari

Manjhi movie dialogue. 1jpg (1)

Come on! now you have to do this atleast once in your life. Fall in love with a Bihari.
Sounds cool right? Now here i’d like to generalize all the Biharis in a category which says “emotional fools”.
They cannot get away with a heartbreak quickly and they don’t lie. When they say they love you, they Effing do love you.
They won’t leave you until you give them some real reasons.
They are stubborn, emotional, funny and hardcore lovers.

7. Ek Bihari sau pe bhaari



Throw them a brick and they will hit you with this huge rock. Give them a piece of paper and see them doing calculus on it.
It’s well known to us that the eastern part of our country has comparatively higher count of people who fall under BPL. But our bihari bhaiyyas and behnas are not the ones who lose it that easy.
They are gonna work the sh*t out of themselves and create their own destinies. Yeah!


With most of the UPSC toppers of the country, the hard working super 30 team (IIT aspirants), end number of IAS, IPS officers and ofcourse heart throb poets and writers, Bihar has given us the best.
We all have drawbacks so do they. But let us not judge them. Not most of them can speak english and not most of them are as cool as you are but there is so so much to learn when you start looking at the brighter side of things.
So here is my post on fantastic supertastic and mind blasting biharis. Put in your views, like and share. Till then tatazzzzzzzz..

10 steps to Become a Successful Entrepreneur

1.Believe you can do it


One of the most over-looked benefits to becoming an entrepreneur is that it forces you to confront your own demons. While expanding on the different types of emotional barriers we can face is better left to its own article, here are a few general tips:

 Understand that YOU get to define what success means to you. You don’t have to be Oprah to be a success! In fact, maybe you don’t want/need that much money, attention, or time away from your family.

 Understand that your personal worth is NOT dependent on your career success. You are a perfect shiny-diamond today, and that doesn’t ever change.

 Surround yourself with people that inspire and support you. It’s true what they say – that you are the average of the 5 people with whom you spend the most time.


2. Think through your business.

Leader think about business creativity business vision and headhunter concept. Businessman without head just with brain.
PC :

* What is your product or service, and who are the potential customers?

 How will you attract these customers?

 Who will be your competitors? If you can’t answer these questions, your risk of failing to launch will be high. This will be your life from now on: constant market analysis and pivoting when necessary.


3. Test Your Business Idea

Screen Shot 2016-03-21 at 7.53.03 AM

This sounds like a no-brainer, yet a sad 90 percent of startups still fail. Before calling it quits, test your idea for viability. On paper, your business idea may sound perfect – you solve a huge problem with an innovative solution. But don’t forget about the following factors:

 Production costs and strategy. There’s nothing worse than turning a great idea into a mediocre product.

 Target market availability and potential competition.


Next, get equipped with some more data to analyse carefully. Research the potential market and the ideal buyer persona; run a few thought experiments; gather any data about past attempts at implementing a similar idea – did they fail, and why? Last, think of the financial aspect – what are the estimated costs, will you need additional funding, and how will you look for it?


4.Build the life you want to live.

PC :
PC :

A good way to think about this is to start acting like a company, as this will give you a framework to work with:

 Write out your personal vision statement for your life (start it with “to be…”).

 Write out your personal mission statement (start it with “to do…”).

 Describe your own personal brand (what do you want others to think of when they think of you).

 Constantly review your behaviours for alignment with your vision, mission, and brand.

 Make planning a habit, and put EVERYTHING on the calendar. Your time is valuable and limited, so you’ll want to make the most of it.


5. It’s never too late to start.

PC : businessinsider
PC : businessinsider

Many successful entrepreneurs started later in life. J. K. Rowling (Harry Potter author), Julia Child (chef), and Sam Walton (Wal-Mart) all started their wildly successful brands after they were comfortably along in their lives. Having the experience that comes with age can give you a unique outlook on your business. Life experiences bring depth that the most educated young adult, by his or her nature, is less able to foresee.


6.Commit to a goal, not a plan.

PC :
PC :

One of the most important things in becoming an entrepreneur is flexibility. You can’t control everything about your business, and adaptation is vital to survival. If you’re overly committed to a plan, you may sabotage yourself.

7. Constantly take action.

Pc : juanminute
Pc : juanminute

Entrepreneurs are movers and shakers. They can’t afford to analyse every detail or they’d never get anywhere. There is no place for procrastination in a startup. It’s a 24/7, no-vacation-or-sick-days kind of job that demands constant forward momentum. Make a brief assessment at every step and move on it. Trust your instincts.


8. Hire the right people.


“Business is like sports: The best team usually wins. So make sure you have the best team you possibly can. Take time over hiring, get to know the people who are going to be working with you, and make sure they are a good fit for you and your company in terms of their outlook, values, and personalities, as well as their actual job skills. And once you’ve got the right team, make sure you keep them by giving them jobs that they’ll love and the opportunity to grow.


9. Execution, execution, execution.

PC : Fastcompany
PC : Fastcompany

Unless you are the smartest person on earth, it’s likely that many others have thought about doing the same thing you’re trying to do. Success doesn’t necessarily come from breakthrough innovation but from flawless execution. A great strategy alone won’t win a game or a battle; the win comes from basic blocking and tackling. All of us have seen entrepreneurs who waste too much time writing business plans and preparing PowerPoints. I believe that a business plan is too long if it’s more than one page. Besides, things never turn out the way you envisioned them. No matter how much time you spend perfecting the plan, you still have to adapt according to the ground realities. You’re going to learn a lot more useful information from taking action rather than hypothesizing. Remember—stay flexible and adapt as new information becomes available


10. Be honest and show integrity.


I can’t imagine anyone ever achieving long-term success without having honesty and integrity. These two qualities need to be at the core of everything we do. Everybody has a conscience—but too many people stop listening to it. There is always that faint voice that warns you when you are not being completely honest or even slightly off track from the path of integrity. Be sure to listen to that voice.

Pikachef’s Start-of-Spring All Frozen Fish Pie

Spring season is upon us. Gardens blooming with beautiful blossoms, marketplaces selling fresh items. Everywhere you can fresh seasonal vegetables and fruits which are so fresh that you just wanna eat them raw. Or if you are a foodie like me, you probably want to cook every seasonal vegetable up into a wonderful dish. But this raises a question in my mind: Can we not enjoy seasonal flavors out-of-season? Ofcourse, we can! All it needs is for us to be smart enough to do that.

Despite the availability of seasonal veggies around, today I’m gonna cook a seasonal dish with it’s competitive counterpart – “the Frozen food“. It sounds a bit strange, but there was a time when I myself was a hater of frozen items. But once I got to know the awesomeness of this technique of food preservation, I was hooked.

Fish Pie

This recipe is serious. This is what whole families are judged on. This is “The Great British FISH PIE“. Fish Pie is a British classic and a family favorite. So it is cooked with intensive care and by using a variety of different fishes, which can be very expensive at times. So what could be done to reduce costings and still be able to enjoy this amazing recipe?????

This is kinda what’s gonna save the day – The Freezer. Using frozen food is usually loads cheaper and saves money because you only use the quantity that you need. Plus, because it’s frozen when it’s fresh packed full of the good stuff. So no compromise on flavor and you’re also saving yourself quite a buck here!

The trick here is to use inexpensive frozen fish. I’ve got Haddock and Salmon. Why? If you’re gonna grill, roast or steam a piece of fish, then yeah use fresh. But if you’re gonna make fish cakes, fish pies, etc., what’s the point in using fresh if the frozen is cheaper, delicious and money-saving. Let’s get started then!

PC :

Now I’m gonna experiment a new way of writing my recipies from today onwards, as I was told that I make it seem more like story-telling and less like cooking. So here it goes, “the Point-wise methodology”. BTW, we here at Pune University use the same methodology for writing our exams and so far it has fetched me good results.

1. Get started by dicing up two carrots and two onions, put them into a large pan with some vegetable oil. Sweat the onions on a medium-high heat and keep stirring. DON’T forget them.
2. Put your frozen fish into a pan and cover it with a pint of milk. Put it on the gas and let it cook. This method of cooking is called “Poaching”. Poaching is basically cooking something in a shallow liquid. Let the fish poach for around 10 minutes, which gives me enough time to make my sweet pea mash.

PC :
PC :

3. Boil a kilo of potatoes. Put 400 grams of frozen peas in a bowl. Drain the boiling liquid of potatoes over our peas just to quickly defrost them. Put the peas through a blender now and blitz. Mash your potatoes with a knob of butter and a little lemon zest. And then combine the mash and peas. This gives it an incredible color. Put some salt to taste and mix to combine. That’s it.

4. Remember our carrots and onions still sweating in the pan. Once they’re nice and caramelized, put two tablespoons of flour and a tablespoon of English Mustard. Put salt to taste. Now pour in the flavored milk from the fish poaching pan. We’re creating an awesome sauce here.

Next thing: Frozen Spinach. Another seasonal. You can find frozen foods in any supermarket these days. Frozen spinach are washed, cleaned, rung out with water, cooked and are made into cubes. And if you wanna know the benefits of frozen, please note that one kilo bag of frozen spinach is equivalent to a bath-tub full of fresh spinach. And that’s absolutely right, no jokes there.

5. Put 100 grams of frozen spinach into your awesome sauce. They start to defrost quickly and then just melt into the sauce giving it a nice green glow.

6. My last bit of frozen magic is a 125 grams of beautiful frozen cooked prawns. Stir it into your sauce and let it cook. Take care of the consistency. It should be thick and not very saucy. Keep stirring it.

7. Break the poached haddock and salmon into nice chunks and spread them across the pan, creating a nice layer. Squeeze a lemon over the top. Shave some Cheddar cheese over this for an extra richness and a bit of seasoning.

8. Now we can load up the delicious sweet pea mash over the pan. Spread it evenly over the entire pan to cover the fish entirely.

PC :
PC :

9. Put that into a pre-heated oven, 30-40 minutes at a 180oC(350oF).

And forget about it. You’ve done all the hardwork. Now go grab a beer and sit down to enjoy a movie.

After about 40 minutes, check it. It’s done if it’s bubbling from the bottom and the top is slightly brown, meaning that it’s cooked to perfection.

The moment of truth is here. Frozen or fresh!??? Which tastes better? Try it and tell us in the comment box below. Until next time, ciao!



PC :
PC :

All images are for representational purposes only, cover pic credit goes to : PC :

Why Game of THRONES in India cant happen!

Last year India was excited for two reasons related to Game of Thrones, first being Indian version of Game of Thrones on Sony TV and second was Neil Nitin Mukesh acting in Game of Thrones. Though the later turned out to be a publicity stunt by Neil’s PR team. Coming to the former, i.e Indian version of Game of Thrones was supposed to be produced by Sony TV and was rumoured to be named “Rani Mahal”.


The idea of an Indian version itself wasn’t supported that well. With the class of acting and sets seen on the Indian television, it was even tougher to imagine GoT with a lousy set of actors. Though the rumoured show Rani Mahal did not go on due to some production issues.


  1. Sakshi Tanvar as Dany. Can you imagine that ? How could they even cast her ?

See for yourself:


​In the books Daenerys Targaryen was 13 when first introduced and 15 in the TV series. Going by this Sakshi is much more elder to Dany. The role perfect for age should have been of Catelyn Stark.

Now look at this image produced by ScoopWhoop. Weird!

Weird !!!!!!!!!!!!!



The smallest of the kissing scenes are cut off from the serials if they exist. The HBO version of Game Of Thrones is being aired on Colors Infinity but it is highly censored. Even if Game of Thrones is prod… Too much of censor coming!
3. The cast of this show is very big!


And in India it will really be hard to have so many actors. The production cost will already be too much and management of such a big crew for so long will be a hard job to do. This will again surely hit on the quality of the show and might end up like new versions of Ramayana or Mahabharata made in recent times.

4. The quality of VFX in Indian television,


CGI used in Indian Television is nothing near what HBO has done with Game of Thrones. They will suck. Even the CGI’s used in Indian movies appear fake, CGI here has only developed when it comes to enhancing body muscles of actors.

5. Hey! I’m your brother, incest maybe?


Well, I really don’t see this even in the scripts. Even if they managed to somehow represent incest, the next day you will possibly be seeing Hanuman Dal, ShivSena forcing Cersei to tie a rakhi to Jamie Lannister. There will be active moral policing and maybe Sony will be banned in India for few years. Who knows!

6. It will not work simply.

They might even end up destroying your actual Game of Thrones experience. Though this is the worst case to happen!


Apart from this, Rani Mahal might not be based on HBO’s Game of Thrones but it is going to happen and somehow I feel the theme might be the same!


Pune through the eyes of a first timer

Pune – a city that welcomes you with its arms wide open, a city which caters to the tastebuds of the foodie within you and a city that grants education like no other. Pune has been my adda for the past one year and I have felt this city’s aura, it’s people and its festivals deeply, it has a vibrant culture with so much to offer, that you never feel bored of it.

Coming from Delhi and choosing between Pune and Delhi (which was my home for the past 17 years ) was a tough call, But I think Pune is much better a place in terms of its culture, it’s vibrancy, social life and education, after all it’s the “Oxford of the east”. 😉
So before shifting your base for the next four years, you obviously try and find out what the city is all about, what is its outlook inside out and what do people have to say about it,etc.
And unfortunately I came across a blog which emphasised on the fact that Pune was a city with attitude, and a jist of bluntness in its people, and after reading that blog I began to have two thoughts about this place but the decision was made and in a few weeks time I landed in Pune, and hence the chapter began.
Pune greeted me with lovely weather and short bursts of shower, the breeze was subtle and the rains made it chilly, it was a perfect weather to justify the city’s climate as I had read earlier and since then till now, the weather here has been a constant highlight.
Pune is one of those cities which has encapsulated its tradition, culture and heritage with perfection. The legacy in terms of music, art and literature has been passed on in the most natural ways and it is evident in the day to day life of a puneri. Hence ,Pune is the best example of modernity with tradition.
A small story which will make you love people of Pune!
There’s this small incident that I would like to share with you all, it basically hints towards the pragmatic nature of the puneri people in general, so one day I was traveling in a six sitter from Vishrantwadi to Alandi, and everyone who got down at the next stop from where they boarded was charged Rupees 8 as the base fare. A 10 rupee note is easily found in every Indian’s pocket, so the travellers in that vehicle started giving the driver a 10 rupees not. Getting a ten rupee note from each customer and returning them two rupees made the driver angry. He started yelling at passengers to give him the change. Sitting next to him frightened me, I too had a ten rupees note. When I got down and handed him the same he frowned at me. Looking at his angry face out of fear I told him to keep the change. Out of the blues, the guy amazed me by giving me a grungy smile. Now he was a completely changed man. Rolled his hand inside his shirt’s pocket and gave me a two rupee coin. We both smiled at each other and moved ahead on our way.
PC : mid-day
PC : mid-day
he understood the point but his pragmatic approach forced him to give back the two rupee coin, it’s a very small incidence and it sounds bogus at first but when you try and peek into it , you surely find some meaning out of it, meaning for me will be even small acts can change the perception of people towards you here, in Pune.

Unusual things banned in world but not in India!

We live in a crazy world, each day passes and we somehow manage to show that we are getting more and more crazier. This post is dedicated to the global craziness many countries have shown by banning stupid daily things. The list includes SAMOSAS to bubble gums, such things which are highly common in Indian households. Let’s take a look on such things!




Samosas are banned in Somalia, all thanks to the Jihadist terrorist group. These samosa haters enforced the ban in the areas they control by claiming the food was “too Christian”.

Tata Nano and Alto 800 :


Low price vehicle failed the independent crash test conducted by Global NCAP. This basically means that occupants of the car would be at risk of life threatening injuries. They banned it in other countries, but not here.


A 2010 story published in The Hindu said that branded honey sold in the country was contaminated. When Centre for Science and Environment examined 12 branded honey products that were sold in India, including those made by companies like Dabur, Himalaya, Patanjali, Baidyanath, Khadi and two foreign organisations based out of Switzerland and Australia, scientists found high levels of six harmful antibiotics in 11 samples.


The Iranian government issued a list of appropriate male hairstyles in 2010, which prohibited ponytails, mullets, and hair that was too spiky.



Singapore prohibits the sale and import of chewing gum, which makes it impossible for locals to get their hands on gum. However, exceptions are made for people who have medical conditions and need to chew gum. The ban began in 1992 and is still in effect.


Wearing yellow clothing was banned in Malaysia in 2011 because the government was at odds with a group of activists who wore the hue while protesting electoral laws.


Wearing flip-flops in Capri, Italy, is illegal because of the noise the shoes create.
If the above list isn’t enough for you then there are more things like, Halidram’s products are banned in USA!

Falling in love hurts but after all its a Fall

After wandering for love and affection ,after that humiliating and devastating incident, after those shameful performances in exams ,after those days of darkness and emotions, after those shelters of hollow humanity ,I somehow could able to manage to stand on my legs stable…

Time is fleet indeed,.Rags to Riches ,and Riches to Rags..filmy but is quite real tragedy..I m not exception even.Friends,family and relations can either make u king of ur life..or will ruin your stability and satisfaction.Later is my case. Flooded with emotions sometimes I cry in pain with my face lying on pillow, scrubbing nose over it and eyes down with sorrow, remembering those beautiful memories of her company every never ending night. I don’t know the difference between love and crush


But those days of intrigue expectations from the one who u know cant be yours and still you just struggle and strive to build a bridge between your highly opposite and vastly different worlds..That time when daydreaming becomes your only task…that time of loneliness when someone penetrates into you, blend within your nerves and blood when time becomes load to move away, you expect someone to hug you so hard but ultimately you end up with just memories of her innocent smile and majestic feel of her touch. You know that she barely thinks about you ,but she becomes your world. every man expects someone to hold his hands, who can understand him in his downs and griefs and stands with him whichever crises he is facing.


YES that was the love which asked my sole and mind to think about you…every time and in every entity of surrounding ..Those traummic days when depression and anxiety sheltered you…your parents keep asking whether u r well or not….and with heavy heart u just reply them ….that i m good… you firmly want to get away from her …and all her traces of memories, the hard fortune of yours doesn’t even allow you to do that. the movement you feel with intensity to go away from her, but again and again u have to face her ..which makes u feel like ur soft heart is pinched with thousands of pins simultaneously and possibly worse than that…

People keep saying you “sab moh maya hai…bhul ja ….”

But whatever had happened, I don’t think happened meaninglessly in my life, because NOTHING HAPPENS WITHOUT A REASON. I know that she is not mine today…but I have strong faith in my destiny… that one day she will realise what does she actually mean to me… we were just left in d book with end pages ripped out.

yup, its you… it’s always been you..

Trying to forget someone you love is same as trying to remember someone u don’t even know.

It’s like a dream date, when you want to spend million time with someone…

Its amazing how can u speak right to my heart without saying a word you can lift up the dark ..

Yes that was d love ,that was a promise, that was a sovereign, once given never forgotten, never disappeared..

You can make my heart beat in a thousand different ways and sometimes, I swear I cant breath even when u look my way…..

And still when u r around me ….i just think..i would have given u my world baby, just say that you are mine…

falling in love hurts but after all its a fall..