When you do feel bad…


Well, apart from the basic and usual posts that I usually prefer to write, I’ve decided to write today on something that has had the capability to make a greater part of today a bit upsetting for me. Thanks to an intellectual friend, I feel that I should write about it. And since I do not wish to focus on the issue, I would very much prefer to write on it because it isn’t something that only happened to me, it happens to anyone.

We have heard from various sources, ranging from the ‘Quote of the Day’ on the Internet to something our parents and friends say everyday, that life is full of ups and downs. If its a down in our own life, we discuss it or keep it to ourselves, but we very well do damn deal with it. But when the down is someone else’s life, and if we do have a part in it, that feeling lingers. It lingers long enough to make us feel guilty, and for that guilt to settle in to spoil our life.

If that effect on their life was made with your whole conscience, then it would have been a much different issue. If you don’t feel bad in that case, you don’t deserve to be called a human, even if you call that revenge or fun. What I’m talking about is one which doesn’t fall under this category. And as it is the opposite of the former, it isn’t something you did knowingly.


Still feel bad about it, that’s the innocence of your heart that is playing at that point. But our heart is as innocently stupid as it can be. Even if the person who has had to suffer may not feel so, we do. Yes, that feeling does hurt. But, there is one thing that should be taken care at that time. That moment has passed. There was or nor is anything that you can do about it now. But, you can still bring a change about that issue. Either not repeat it, or make up for it in a different way. And if it has moved you that strongly, trust me you will find a way to solve, now or later.

Even if it wasn’t your fault and you still something good, it still is the best way that a human can act humane. Feeling bad and being upset about it does nothing. Bringing a change like you would have done to yourself does. Well, writing this did make one thing sure too. I’ll try my best to resolve what I did.