Cartoons which every 90s kids love!

Only the 90s will understand this kind of love for cartoons Cartoons are the most beautiful creation made by human beings for entertaining all generations. Making everyone to enjoy their childhood once again. Here are the favourite cartoons most enjoyed by kids.


1. TaleSpin


The popular show from Disney production house. The first show was showed in 1990. The story of a passionate flight captain “Baloo” and how his life goes ups and downs with everyday issues. Family and friends are the best people in our life and they never leave us.


2. Johnny Bravo


We have seen this guy with a very good physic but a very dumb from mind. The guy shows himself to a great playboy and flirts with every girl. Best part he is rejected by every girl but he doesn’t give up. Good job Johnny to make us understand not giving up in life.


3. Dexter’s Laboratory


This little guy with great brains and being a genius with super ideas can revolutionise the world. But his lovely sister turns out be trouble every time. But in the end it’s always love that win, even though Dexter gets irritated by her sister he loves her.


4. Mickey and his Friends


These are the really cool and funny to watch all of them. These are like really group of friends trying explore new stuff and enjoy life king size.


5. Doraemon


The perfect cartoon for gadget lovers. The friend from 22nd century whose gadgets help his dearest friend Nobita at any point if time. The cartoon make us understand that one true friend is enough to live the life fully and care for each other. If friends are true to each other then life is better at every moment.


6. Tom and Jerry

tom-and-jerry-kids-cartoon-1920x1080-wallpaper29249 (1)

No kid can ignore this cartoon this had won a lot of hearts of almost all generations. The most

fun shows of all time and everyone’s favourite. This the story of the most amazing two best

buddies putting each other in trouble and enjoying every moment. They annoy, irritate etc but

they can not love without each other.


7. Flintstones


The very unique way of telling the lives before modernization. The life of people when civilization just started. The funny part is they had cars, you know what I mean. But being family is always fun and even pets add joy to your life.


8. Powerpuff girls


These are born out of accidental experiment by a scientist who later act as their father in cartoon. The main motto was to save the world at any cost. You have a father to take care of at moment of time. Love, care and share just perfect words to be create a heaven.


9. Scooby doo


The detective cartoon, yes you remembered it right. These cases of ghost and fun of the amazing dog whose fun really create a special touch. He is brave when needed, funny and best part he easily gets scared but when friends are priority then no fear seems big to save them .


10. Aladdin

The Arabic culture cartoon , story of a brave common guys whose charming personality makes the beautiful queen fall in love with him. They have amazing friend a really over confident parrot, a genie to full fill all wishes, a flying cloth for transportation of course, a monkey and a old fatty funny king. They all are different but all combine to work as a very great team

Things you don’t want to hear from your Crush !

There are some things you just don’t ever want to hear come out of your crush’s mouth.


1. “What’s your name?” Like, you knew they didn’t like you or anything, and you’re barely even friends, but you’ve sat next to each other for months, you bond over how ridiculous your teacher’s assignments are all the time, and you’ve lent them so many pencils and pieces of gum. And they didn’t even know your name the whole time?! UNACCEPTABLE. (-_-)


2. “I need to find someone like you.” What do they even mean, they need to find someone like you? Someone like you is right in front of their face.But it’s not YOU!


3. “I only see you as a friend.” This usually comes right after they’ve done something that made your heart skip a beat and makes you think there’s no way he/she doesn’t feel the same way as you— like say, you look nice or remember something really obscure and random you told them a long time ago. It gives you the guts to finally tell him or her how you feel… and then they smack you in the face with this line. Excuse me. I’m going to go cry in that corner over there. Come get me when you return my feelings, please.



4. “You’re great, but I already have a girlfriend/boyfriend.” WHAT? Their relationship status on Facebook definitely does NOT reflect this information. So, either they’re lying to you to let you down easy, or they’re not. There’s nothing to do in this situation other than to run away and pretend you admitting your feelings to someone who’s already taken never, ever happened. Oh, and go stalk your crush’s Facebook and obsess over who it is that’s stolen YOUR crush right out from under you. 🙁


5. “Who’s your friend?” This is what they say to you conspiratorially when you bring a new friend around and you can tell they’re asking because they think she’s cute. You want to tell them to stop finding your new friend hot — you’ve been right in front of them ALL ALONG.


6. “He’s/She’s like my brother/ sister.” You’re like what? There’s no. way. they just said you’re like their sister/brother infront of everyone. You imagine romantic walks on the beach and kissing them under the stars, and they see you as their — Nope. You can’t bare to finish that sentence even. 🙁


7. Nothing. This is what usually comes right after you’ve revealed your feelings to your crush, only to be rejected and smacked. Then they get really awkward around you and start treating you different even though they promised nothing would change. This is exactly why people aren’t honest about their feelings.


Things that happen only in hostel life
Things that happen only in hostel life
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