Women decoded : All it takes to understand a women

Happy Women’s Day to all the brave, beautiful and one of a kind ladies out there who struggle to make it each day! You are an inspiration, you are unbeatable.


People say that women are beyond human understanding, it is impossible to decode us.Well, certainly not true. Actually, women all around the world crave for love, attention, pampering, gifts,some cuddles and warm hugs at the end of a long tiring day. But there are some of us, who have nothing but an empty house, with undone laundry and dishes and maybe a lonely cat or a dog as our pet-our only source of happiness. Women in this era are empowered, no doubt. So let us not talk about women empowerment and make this an age old debate discussion. I want to focus on a different aspect from a woman’s perspective.


Like I mentioned earlier, we want love,attention, blah blah blah…in short a sigh of relief! Yes after working our ass off for hours at a place where we run back and forth between long ,long strands of male ego all that we desire somehow ends up being not a diamond ring or whatever you can buy off. It is nothing but a person who listens. Yes, somebody who listens to you when you come back home and is there for you and appreciates you for all the efforts that you took -from taking the 8 o’clock local and catching the last bus to your place , dealing with your demanding boss and irritating colleagues and finally making it home or being on time for the much awaited date!

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Today, there is no difference between a man and a woman. We do almost everything and the gender bias is slowly fading away. But, there still remains those faces you get to see every day that have all the doubts about your career choice, your caliber, your courage and somewhere us women, do feel weighed because of all these eyes around us. But let us not forget there are people out there who can do almost anything for the gorgeous ladies in their lives, be it their wives, girlfriends, daughters, sisters, or friends.

The only 3 things that anybody can do not just because you have to impress your special lady on this Women’s Day but every day of her life would be these little but important things, and these would definitely make a difference.



1. To begin with, let us all try to NOT annoy her by doing possibly anything that she hates. Women, in general hate , I repeat, absolutely hate when you annoy them . We have our own share of the most outrageously annoying people we deal with every passing day. The grocery store owner, the bus conductor, irritating colleagues, demanding boss not to mention landlords/landladies, the list goes on. So, make sure you do not crack baseless, senseless, impractical jokes and act cool since that absolutely would piss her off.


2. Next would be listening to her when she calls you or simply wants to talk about anything. Remember when she calls you first or wants to talk about her work issues, it is because she already considers you good enough or let’s say worth wasting her time on. So, don’t forget to pick the call and do not hang up first!

PC : ronedmondson
PC : ronedmondson

3. And the last thing to do for any woman would be respecting her! For everything that she has done, she surely deserves it. You don’t need to tell her that you respect her but you can always show that by doing all these little things – beginning with telling her how beautiful she looks even when she doesn’t! Hey, it is not easy to take care of yourself when you have to work and take care of a family as well! Letting her sleep for an extra hour in the morning and doing the chores on the weekend would do marvels!


Above all ,loving her to the moon and back and accepting her for all her flaws is all that is there for a happy life with your women!