Women : The face of SACRIFICE!

Sacrifices – an integral part of ones learning process in life …. You need to learn to make sacrifices, they are a necessity, every person has to do it someday, perhaps for someone or may be for their own self, hence

” sacrifices are inevitable”….

So, One night I was talking to my good friend Ms. JNB, and as usual we had this intellectually rich talk which later on made me think about the meaning of sacrifice for both, a male and a female as an individual. Surprisingly, thinking about the sacrifices made by a man in his life was not as easy as it felt, but I brainstormed and yes, there were a couple of them, but when it came to the woman part, I was amazed as to how quickly the thoughts popped up in my head. I could imagine it all, beginning from my mother to my grandmother and many more…..clearly, the sacrifices made by a woman were heart wrenching…..
And today being the day of women, I would like to extend a heart full of gratitude and respect towards the women in our lives who sacrifice a lot, who go through a lot , just so that they can see their loved ones happy,
Thank you women ! Thank you ,for being there at times when we needed you the most.
On this women’s day …I would like to Acknowledge the sacrifices made by a woman in her respective roles,as a wife, as a mother, as a companion and as a teacher.
As a wife, she devotes her life to her husband, as a teacher she gives her knowledge to the students, as a companion she gives all the love and care to her partner, and as a mother, she sacrifices herself at every stage for her children. She is an epitome of love, strength,vivacity ,sacrifice and devotion, she is the one without whom our society cannot function and she’s the one without whom our existence is void.
We as individuals or perhaps I should say “ignorant individuals” ,never REALISE the importance of a woman ,
maybe the so called “chauvinist male mentality”never wants to realise it,and that’s where all the problem lies, the realisation of the fact that a woman sacrifices so much in life is heart wrenching, when you sit down in peace and think about the sacrifices ur mother made for you and when you do realise, how much those sacrifices meant to her , trust me people, then and then will you realise what she has done for you in life….
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A woman plays multiple roles in her life as well as the society,and these roles need to be acknowledged by the masses,
We need to respect women , empower them and make sure that in the process of making some inevitable sacrifices, she doesn’t compromise on her existence.
Through this article I would like to urge everyone to kindly acknowledge the sacrifices made by women in their lives and be grateful for having such a blessing in life.
On this women’s day, let us all pledge to take care of all her needs and love her in every way possible!
Let us not only celebrate her existence on 8th of March only but everyday that comes ,by thanking her deep within our soul and acknowledging her sacrifices.