Things which make Pune popular amongst youth!

Pune..the second largest city of Maharashtra. Being one of the fastest growing cities , Pune is the ninth most populous city of India. This place serves to be the best for residential as well as official purpose. Pune was called “The Oxford of the east” by Jawaharlal Nehru, India’s first Prime Minister. Pune attracts students not only from our country but from all over the world. Pune tops the preference order list of the colleges of the aspiring engineering or medical students as it is a hub to a number of reputed engineering and medical colleges. Pune attracts students not only because of its studious climate but also the atmosphere of Pune matches the expectations of students.” A perfect college life..”the biggest desire , Pune succeeds in fulfilling this desire which usually we youngsters are upto. This place provides the best exposure to bring one’s talent into the mainstream. Apart from the education part, Pune is equipped with places which never lets one get bored. There are malls, parks and many more destinations where you can make yourself entertained to the fullest. Life in pune is simply awesome. Coming over to some of the major points Pune is famous for are as follows:-

1.Shopping in Pune


Shopping..the biggest craze amongst youngsters (more amongst the girls though..!), so Pune has actually places where you can follow this craze. Amanora, phoenix, seasons are some of the malls always acquainted with all the famous brands. Though expensive, they are always occupied. I find Street shopping here the best. Street shopping is the best way to fulfill the desire of shopping when u have a low budget. MG road, FC road, Laxmi road are a few places famous for the same in Pune.




Bunking classes, weekends, holidays are the best enjoyed by Punekars (the college students). Koregaon park(marine drive of pune.. :-p), khadakwasla, katraj zoo are some of the best places for hangouts. Malls as usual are the best places to hangout. Sitting in the food court or playing pool games is always a great way of passing time. Also Pune is surrounded by the most mesmerizing places like Lonavla, Khandala,Lavasa and many more wherein you can go for nightouts.




Colleges..this is what Pune is the most known for. The university of Pune is ranked second(the first being Delhi university). Pune university is home to 46 academic departments. As of 2004, the university had 46 graduate departments, 269 affiliated colleges and 118 recognized research institutions, with an enrollment of 170,000 students for both the undergraduate and graduate courses in different faculties. College of engineering Pune,( the third oldest college in Asia), Armed Forces Medical College, Symbiosis are some of the prestigious colleges here. The colleges here have large campuses and also the placements are excellent.





Transport facility of Pune is highly appreciable. Buses, cabs, auto-Rikshaws are always available. The frequency of the buses is far better as compared to the other cities. The roads here are good as well. The condition of the buses are admirable. The BRT buses have high quality, customer-oriented public bus transport service.


5. Restaurants

When it comes to the food part, Pune is equipped with both good veg as well as non veg restaurants. Dominos, McDonalds , Pizza hut (the party places) are all always occupied. For parties and celebrations there is Barbecue Nation,village etc.. Some of the restaurants like Tiranga, good luck have got real good dishes. Starbucks, café coffee day, café Durga are always filled with the coffee lovers.



When it comes to the safety part, Pune is actually a very safe place to reside. The law and order is very well maintained here and you can boldly walk even in the midnight without being afraid. Also the crowd over here is very good. The Punekars are kind hearted, generous and also down to earth people. The people here are always ready to help in any kind of problem.


So, in short Pune is the combo of all the goodness ,which a city can have. And hence Pune is loved by all..!