Falling in love hurts but after all its a Fall

After wandering for love and affection ,after that humiliating and devastating incident, after those shameful performances in exams ,after those days of darkness and emotions, after those shelters of hollow humanity ,I somehow could able to manage to stand on my legs stable…

Time is fleet indeed,.Rags to Riches ,and Riches to Rags..filmy but is quite real tragedy..I m not exception even.Friends,family and relations can either make u king of ur life..or will ruin your stability and satisfaction.Later is my case. Flooded with emotions sometimes I cry in pain with my face lying on pillow, scrubbing nose over it and eyes down with sorrow, remembering those beautiful memories of her company every never ending night. I don’t know the difference between love and crush


But those days of intrigue expectations from the one who u know cant be yours and still you just struggle and strive to build a bridge between your highly opposite and vastly different worlds..That time when daydreaming becomes your only task…that time of loneliness when someone penetrates into you, blend within your nerves and blood when time becomes load to move away, you expect someone to hug you so hard but ultimately you end up with just memories of her innocent smile and majestic feel of her touch. You know that she barely thinks about you ,but she becomes your world. every man expects someone to hold his hands, who can understand him in his downs and griefs and stands with him whichever crises he is facing.


YES that was the love which asked my sole and mind to think about you…every time and in every entity of surrounding ..Those traummic days when depression and anxiety sheltered you…your parents keep asking whether u r well or not….and with heavy heart u just reply them ….that i m good… you firmly want to get away from her …and all her traces of memories, the hard fortune of yours doesn’t even allow you to do that. the movement you feel with intensity to go away from her, but again and again u have to face her ..which makes u feel like ur soft heart is pinched with thousands of pins simultaneously and possibly worse than that…

People keep saying you “sab moh maya hai…bhul ja ….”

But whatever had happened, I don’t think happened meaninglessly in my life, because NOTHING HAPPENS WITHOUT A REASON. I know that she is not mine today…but I have strong faith in my destiny… that one day she will realise what does she actually mean to me… we were just left in d book with end pages ripped out.

yup, its you… it’s always been you..

Trying to forget someone you love is same as trying to remember someone u don’t even know.

It’s like a dream date, when you want to spend million time with someone…

Its amazing how can u speak right to my heart without saying a word you can lift up the dark ..

Yes that was d love ,that was a promise, that was a sovereign, once given never forgotten, never disappeared..

You can make my heart beat in a thousand different ways and sometimes, I swear I cant breath even when u look my way…..

And still when u r around me ….i just think..i would have given u my world baby, just say that you are mine…

falling in love hurts but after all its a fall..