Pune through the eyes of a first timer

Pune – a city that welcomes you with its arms wide open, a city which caters to the tastebuds of the foodie within you and a city that grants education like no other. Pune has been my adda for the past one year and I have felt this city’s aura, it’s people and its festivals deeply, it has a vibrant culture with so much to offer, that you never feel bored of it.

Coming from Delhi and choosing between Pune and Delhi (which was my home for the past 17 years ) was a tough call, But I think Pune is much better a place in terms of its culture, it’s vibrancy, social life and education, after all it’s the “Oxford of the east”. 😉
So before shifting your base for the next four years, you obviously try and find out what the city is all about, what is its outlook inside out and what do people have to say about it,etc.
And unfortunately I came across a blog which emphasised on the fact that Pune was a city with attitude, and a jist of bluntness in its people, and after reading that blog I began to have two thoughts about this place but the decision was made and in a few weeks time I landed in Pune, and hence the chapter began.
Pune greeted me with lovely weather and short bursts of shower, the breeze was subtle and the rains made it chilly, it was a perfect weather to justify the city’s climate as I had read earlier and since then till now, the weather here has been a constant highlight.
Pune is one of those cities which has encapsulated its tradition, culture and heritage with perfection. The legacy in terms of music, art and literature has been passed on in the most natural ways and it is evident in the day to day life of a puneri. Hence ,Pune is the best example of modernity with tradition.
A small story which will make you love people of Pune!
There’s this small incident that I would like to share with you all, it basically hints towards the pragmatic nature of the puneri people in general, so one day I was traveling in a six sitter from Vishrantwadi to Alandi, and everyone who got down at the next stop from where they boarded was charged Rupees 8 as the base fare. A 10 rupee note is easily found in every Indian’s pocket, so the travellers in that vehicle started giving the driver a 10 rupees not. Getting a ten rupee note from each customer and returning them two rupees made the driver angry. He started yelling at passengers to give him the change. Sitting next to him frightened me, I too had a ten rupees note. When I got down and handed him the same he frowned at me. Looking at his angry face out of fear I told him to keep the change. Out of the blues, the guy amazed me by giving me a grungy smile. Now he was a completely changed man. Rolled his hand inside his shirt’s pocket and gave me a two rupee coin. We both smiled at each other and moved ahead on our way.
PC : mid-day
PC : mid-day
he understood the point but his pragmatic approach forced him to give back the two rupee coin, it’s a very small incidence and it sounds bogus at first but when you try and peek into it , you surely find some meaning out of it, meaning for me will be even small acts can change the perception of people towards you here, in Pune.