Pikachef’s Start-of-Spring All Frozen Fish Pie

Spring season is upon us. Gardens blooming with beautiful blossoms, marketplaces selling fresh items. Everywhere you can fresh seasonal vegetables and fruits which are so fresh that you just wanna eat them raw. Or if you are a foodie like me, you probably want to cook every seasonal vegetable up into a wonderful dish. But this raises a question in my mind: Can we not enjoy seasonal flavors out-of-season? Ofcourse, we can! All it needs is for us to be smart enough to do that.

Despite the availability of seasonal veggies around, today I’m gonna cook a seasonal dish with it’s competitive counterpart – “the Frozen food“. It sounds a bit strange, but there was a time when I myself was a hater of frozen items. But once I got to know the awesomeness of this technique of food preservation, I was hooked.

Fish Pie

This recipe is serious. This is what whole families are judged on. This is “The Great British FISH PIE“. Fish Pie is a British classic and a family favorite. So it is cooked with intensive care and by using a variety of different fishes, which can be very expensive at times. So what could be done to reduce costings and still be able to enjoy this amazing recipe?????

This is kinda what’s gonna save the day – The Freezer. Using frozen food is usually loads cheaper and saves money because you only use the quantity that you need. Plus, because it’s frozen when it’s fresh packed full of the good stuff. So no compromise on flavor and you’re also saving yourself quite a buck here!

The trick here is to use inexpensive frozen fish. I’ve got Haddock and Salmon. Why? If you’re gonna grill, roast or steam a piece of fish, then yeah use fresh. But if you’re gonna make fish cakes, fish pies, etc., what’s the point in using fresh if the frozen is cheaper, delicious and money-saving. Let’s get started then!

PC : seafoodfromnorway.co.uk

Now I’m gonna experiment a new way of writing my recipies from today onwards, as I was told that I make it seem more like story-telling and less like cooking. So here it goes, “the Point-wise methodology”. BTW, we here at Pune University use the same methodology for writing our exams and so far it has fetched me good results.

1. Get started by dicing up two carrots and two onions, put them into a large pan with some vegetable oil. Sweat the onions on a medium-high heat and keep stirring. DON’T forget them.
2. Put your frozen fish into a pan and cover it with a pint of milk. Put it on the gas and let it cook. This method of cooking is called “Poaching”. Poaching is basically cooking something in a shallow liquid. Let the fish poach for around 10 minutes, which gives me enough time to make my sweet pea mash.

PC : georgiaabout.files.wordpress.com
PC : georgiaabout.files.wordpress.com

3. Boil a kilo of potatoes. Put 400 grams of frozen peas in a bowl. Drain the boiling liquid of potatoes over our peas just to quickly defrost them. Put the peas through a blender now and blitz. Mash your potatoes with a knob of butter and a little lemon zest. And then combine the mash and peas. This gives it an incredible color. Put some salt to taste and mix to combine. That’s it.

4. Remember our carrots and onions still sweating in the pan. Once they’re nice and caramelized, put two tablespoons of flour and a tablespoon of English Mustard. Put salt to taste. Now pour in the flavored milk from the fish poaching pan. We’re creating an awesome sauce here.

Next thing: Frozen Spinach. Another seasonal. You can find frozen foods in any supermarket these days. Frozen spinach are washed, cleaned, rung out with water, cooked and are made into cubes. And if you wanna know the benefits of frozen, please note that one kilo bag of frozen spinach is equivalent to a bath-tub full of fresh spinach. And that’s absolutely right, no jokes there.

5. Put 100 grams of frozen spinach into your awesome sauce. They start to defrost quickly and then just melt into the sauce giving it a nice green glow.

6. My last bit of frozen magic is a 125 grams of beautiful frozen cooked prawns. Stir it into your sauce and let it cook. Take care of the consistency. It should be thick and not very saucy. Keep stirring it.

7. Break the poached haddock and salmon into nice chunks and spread them across the pan, creating a nice layer. Squeeze a lemon over the top. Shave some Cheddar cheese over this for an extra richness and a bit of seasoning.

8. Now we can load up the delicious sweet pea mash over the pan. Spread it evenly over the entire pan to cover the fish entirely.

PC : step-by-step-cook.co.uk/
PC : step-by-step-cook.co.uk/

9. Put that into a pre-heated oven, 30-40 minutes at a 180oC(350oF).

And forget about it. You’ve done all the hardwork. Now go grab a beer and sit down to enjoy a movie.

After about 40 minutes, check it. It’s done if it’s bubbling from the bottom and the top is slightly brown, meaning that it’s cooked to perfection.

The moment of truth is here. Frozen or fresh!??? Which tastes better? Try it and tell us in the comment box below. Until next time, ciao!



PC : booths.co.uk
PC : booths.co.uk

All images are for representational purposes only, cover pic credit goes to : PC : cdn.lifestyle.com.au

Why Game of THRONES in India cant happen!

Last year India was excited for two reasons related to Game of Thrones, first being Indian version of Game of Thrones on Sony TV and second was Neil Nitin Mukesh acting in Game of Thrones. Though the later turned out to be a publicity stunt by Neil’s PR team. Coming to the former, i.e Indian version of Game of Thrones was supposed to be produced by Sony TV and was rumoured to be named “Rani Mahal”.


The idea of an Indian version itself wasn’t supported that well. With the class of acting and sets seen on the Indian television, it was even tougher to imagine GoT with a lousy set of actors. Though the rumoured show Rani Mahal did not go on due to some production issues.


  1. Sakshi Tanvar as Dany. Can you imagine that ? How could they even cast her ?

See for yourself:


​In the books Daenerys Targaryen was 13 when first introduced and 15 in the TV series. Going by this Sakshi is much more elder to Dany. The role perfect for age should have been of Catelyn Stark.
Now look at this image produced by ScoopWhoop. Weird!

Weird !!!!!!!!!!!!!



The smallest of the kissing scenes are cut off from the serials if they exist. The HBO version of Game Of Thrones is being aired on Colors Infinity but it is highly censored. Even if Game of Thrones is prod… Too much of censor coming!
3. The cast of this show is very big!


And in India it will really be hard to have so many actors. The production cost will already be too much and management of such a big crew for so long will be a hard job to do. This will again surely hit on the quality of the show and might end up like new versions of Ramayana or Mahabharata made in recent times.

4. The quality of VFX in Indian television,


CGI used in Indian Television is nothing near what HBO has done with Game of Thrones. They will suck. Even the CGI’s used in Indian movies appear fake, CGI here has only developed when it comes to enhancing body muscles of actors.

5. Hey! I’m your brother, incest maybe?


Well, I really don’t see this even in the scripts. Even if they managed to somehow represent incest, the next day you will possibly be seeing Hanuman Dal, ShivSena forcing Cersei to tie a rakhi to Jamie Lannister. There will be active moral policing and maybe Sony will be banned in India for few years. Who knows!

6. It will not work simply.

They might even end up destroying your actual Game of Thrones experience. Though this is the worst case to happen!


Apart from this, Rani Mahal might not be based on HBO’s Game of Thrones but it is going to happen and somehow I feel the theme might be the same!