1.Jab lagawela tu lipishtick


OMFG!, The DJ is not complete without this song. As soon as they play this track, the population on the dance floor escalates in powers of three.
The bihari rhythm will make you snap your fingers, tap your feet.
Anddddddddd the lyrics! Whoever penned the lyrics down, man you are a legend. He has this hilarious sense of humor which made this bhojpuri track a super-duper hit throughout the country.

2. The bhojpuri Philam industry



Bhaiyya ji, tumse na ho payib. Lmao!
Who doesn’t know about Manoj Tiwari (manojwa) , Ravi Kishan , Shatrughan Sinha and their epic dialogues. The legends of indian film industry of their very own kind you know.

The bhojpuri film industry has it’s own charm.
With eccentric chatt-makk costumes, the hilarious movie titles, the never ending saga of maar-peet, dhishoom-dhishoom, with almost same tag-line in every film (as in ek villain tha, ek hero tha, hero ne bachaya heroine ko aur pyar ho gaya), it’s still fun watching a bhojpuri movie with friends and rofling the hell out of it.

3. Litti chokha and maa ka pyaar


Now if we talk about cuisines, we know biharis are real foodies and nothing can be better than a chilled glass of sattu, aroma of jaggery from Thekuas ????, crispy mouth wattering malpuas.
oh f*ck!!
Last time when my friend brought me these from Patna she turned my b*tchmode on. I was like ” you a*s, how could you stay these many miles away from such orgasmic food, i mean, you gotto be a little too retarded to do this to yourself”, damnnnnnn punish me if i was wrong.

4. The bhojpuri versions of hollywood block busters.


Honestly the bhojpuri version of kill bill has been one of my favourites in the list. I have mentioned a few others they will drive you crazy lol.

Inception – Sapanwa mein sapanwa mein sapanwa
The hangover – Oh raat, sasuri
Man of steel – badan loha ba
Godzilla – Jab jab aawat hai, dharti hil hil jaawat hai
The Godfather – Maai Baap

Hilarious, eh? ????????????

5. Their hilarious accent.


We don’t know if it’s an in-built feature but every Bihari can speak languages in their own way. Such as hindi in Bihari accent, english in Bihari accent, marathi in Bihari accent and ofcourse Bihari in Bihari accent (samajh rahe hain ki nahi?). Wished I could attach a sound clip here. I am a good mimic.

Now i won’t really generalize things . But but but you have to agree with me on this, Biharis have the most happening accent ever.

6. The emotional fool Bihari

Manjhi movie dialogue. 1jpg (1)

Come on! now you have to do this atleast once in your life. Fall in love with a Bihari.
Sounds cool right? Now here i’d like to generalize all the Biharis in a category which says “emotional fools”.
They cannot get away with a heartbreak quickly and they don’t lie. When they say they love you, they Effing do love you.
They won’t leave you until you give them some real reasons.
They are stubborn, emotional, funny and hardcore lovers.

7. Ek Bihari sau pe bhaari



Throw them a brick and they will hit you with this huge rock. Give them a piece of paper and see them doing calculus on it.
It’s well known to us that the eastern part of our country has comparatively higher count of people who fall under BPL. But our bihari bhaiyyas and behnas are not the ones who lose it that easy.
They are gonna work the sh*t out of themselves and create their own destinies. Yeah!


With most of the UPSC toppers of the country, the hard working super 30 team (IIT aspirants), end number of IAS, IPS officers and ofcourse heart throb poets and writers, Bihar has given us the best.
We all have drawbacks so do they. But let us not judge them. Not most of them can speak english and not most of them are as cool as you are but there is so so much to learn when you start looking at the brighter side of things.
So here is my post on fantastic supertastic and mind blasting biharis. Put in your views, like and share. Till then tatazzzzzzzz..