BASHING NEGATIVE CRITICS of Batman Vs Superman : Dawn of Justice

While coming out of the movie hall, my hands were up into the air, face with a naive smile. Naive smile like one I had when I got my first Batman action figure at 6. Call me a fanboy but this is how most of us were at that moment. We had accomplished something big, we had just finished watching Batman Vs Superman : DAWN OF JUSTICE.

It made me sad when I saw the negative reviews of the movie all over internet and was worried where exactly the critics want to take a comic-book movie? Are all superhero movies considered to be witty? What’s wrong in showing the dark side of a comic-book movie? At the end of the day this world isn’t all flowers and chocolates. There are people, people like me who crave to see serious superhero stuff, the stuffs which we imagined in our heads while reading the comics. Then something clicked me, I loved the movies, my friends loved the movie, all those dudes on internet who were waiting for this movie from long loved the movie. Do you know why? Because we went to watch the real DC! those who understand how DC actually functions loved the flick and at the end of the day : CRITICS WATCH THE MOVIE FOR MONEY & WE FANS FOR THE PLEASURE FOR OUR EYES AND SOULS.


To understand what went in the Batman Vs Superman : DAWN OF JUSTICE, there are few prerequisites
1. Read comics
2. Understand DC Universe.

The idea of this movie was much above the critics to understand and basically for the fans DC has gathered for so long. Because you know at the end of the day what matters is a happy joyous fan. Zack Snyder did a good representation of the iconic comic-book images and turned them into live action scenes with nail-biting thrills.

Now hunting the negatives :


(In red what the critics said).

1.Movie was only a platform for future movies


MY TAKE : I Agree that the movie is a platform for future DC movies, as DC will be releasing Justice League-I and Wonder Woman next year with Suicide Squad already in pocket for the year end. If they don’t done something like this then we might have ended up having another Avengers assemble movie which we surely don’t want cause you know ‘DC copying Marvel?’ It’s always been the other way round.

The idea of representing The Flash, Aquaman and Cyborg in the database of Lex Corp, shows what change has the movie brought from actual comic book lineup and this also hints thats the Justice League formation is going to be kickass as Batman will research on them all to make sure how to control each one of them.

2. Cliched scene : Lois Lane getting trapped into while searching for the Kryptonian spare.


MY TAKE : To start with, this movie is basically a sequel to the MAN OF STEEL, if people recall it correctly Clark Kent and Lois Lane are the leading characters. It is destined that they have a special bond, a bond which every couple wants to have. The scene showcased the romance and duty of a superhero very politely and carefully. The purpose to represent such was to inspire Superman to pick up the spare and attack Doomsday and what better inspiration than watching love of your life risking herself to make things easier for the SEMI-JUSTICE TEAM. and at the end of the day Superman managed to save Lois’s life thrice in the movie, that’s how their relationship works. One of the three savings included catching her when she was pushed off the tower, SPIDEY BURNS!



MY TAKE : You sure about this? He is going to fight SUPERMAN! THE SUPERMAN! Batman known to be the best with the prep time can beat anyone. Wearing the extra heavy metallic armour, he needs to learn to take the load. Not like Tony Stark taking on Hulk in Avengers : Age of Ultron, Ironman can fly, even he should have practiced wearing that suit. This is the edge. Where Batman beats everyone else. DC beats rest. The realistic flavour with unearthly creatures. Batman being a human needs to practice hard to take up the beatings from Superman.

4. People are tired of watching MARTHA AND BRUCE DIE ALL THE TIME


MY TAKE : The “becoming Batman when parents die” is new birth of Bruce Wayne and with no initial planning for a solo Batman movie, this scene was crucial to show people his motivation.

This scene was also the same reason Batman didn’t kill Superman, the name Martha. If they haven’t shown the scene again and again, it could have been tough for viewers to realise Martha was the name of Batman and Superman’s mother.Yeah, they were not brothers, but surely brother from different mother. Suppose they had not shown the death scene, most of the critics might have added an extra negative point citing ” Why batman didn’t kill superman was unclear”.

5. Jesse Eisenberg’s Lex Luthor, is so intensely annoying


MY TAKE : I will love to tie horns with The Hollywood reporter on this. More over such a review made me laugh. When I first saw Jesse as Lex, I was worried but then I did something strange, I GAVE HIM A SHOT. Now, after watching the movie I can proudly say Well done Jesse, for us you’re no more the Facebook guy, but the crazy, egoist maniac who won’t think for a second when it will come to destroying Superman and Batman. Jesse’s character lacked confidence when it came to public speaking at first but when he was turned with Batman stealing his property, we saw some other Luthor, the one we deserve.

6. Gal Gadot failed as Wonder Woman? Why Ben Affleck as Batman? Henry Cavil isn’t the right Superman.


MY TAKE : Why would they cast a skinny lady for the role of wonder woman? Such things came right from the day she was casted as Wonder Woman, but now after the movie is out, I haven’t seen any hater criticising her. She infact is doing a role for which she will be remembered in future with respect. Same goes for BATfleck and Cavil.



MY TAKE : DC is known for the dark movies. They don’t deal much with the wit. You have Marvel for it. When you need hardcore, realistic superhero stuff you watch/read DC. This Movie has serious characters like Batman and Superman and when it comes to superhero wit in DC, The Flash and Green Lantern take control of it. Yes, for sure there were some shabby one liners by Alfred Pennyworth on Bruce Wayne for not having kids or a date.

To conclude, Welcome to the new era of movies people, something more subtle and real (if such things ever happen).

P.S with Batman Vs Superman : DAWN OF JUSTICE already having the biggest Thursday evening premier so far is a day away from breaking Avengers : Age Of Ultron‘s record of highest grossing superhero movie ever on opening day. FANS : 1, CRITICS : 0.