Vendetta of politics : Lost reminiscence of humanity

In all the hustle of the day from submitting assignments to repairing two wheeler I found a rather disturbing fact on Television media about 13 men coming up and beating a very much more productive individual of 40 years who had an occupation of a Dentist over a Road Brushing incident which was entirely protective as a parent. Right after that I saw the same channel asking for answers on twitter through a hashtag which was stated majorly as why do Delhi Drivers have a short temper problem over roads.
1] Firstly how beautifully is this moral issue of 4 juvenile boys plus 9 more men trying to exercise their rich road fantasy of beating someone up which definitely calls for an educational or background check which will determine how utterly worthless they were to their society , country and humanity.
Article in the times of India
2] Secondly stating how was the topic generalize to a topic which people find easy to answer , just like “ye toh bihari hai”, “ye ladki hoke itne chote kapde kyu pehnti hai ” etc etc. People majorly are stupid these days and go with whatever they see. Now the fact that there were 4 juvenile boys immediately makes it a case of indecency and unethical bringing up. More in the shadows of gods who don’t allow different religions to coexist or that of women being inferior. That is the root of the issue rather than it being “People of Delhi losing it on Roads”.
Late Dr Pankaj Narang
Yes prior to this topic of road rage is due to poor traffic management or constructions which is very well iced with the beautiful arrogance flaw we generate so soon, as we wish to accept all the lies we make for ourselves. The manner less movement of the people themselves, the ones sitting and maybe tweeting or debating over ” sarkar kisi kam ki nahi ” are the ones . The root of the problem is us and that we never inculcated moral values and never understood the greatness and the functioning of religions that they were some how created or “existed” to teach us how to function together and keep this planet alive. Imagine I just told you to stop right at my last sentence and see what is actually going around ? Killing of our own species at first and in search of more power disrupting the balance of nature. Well I’m no Magician that i knew your answer, i’m just bluntly telling you the truth.Hitting a horse until his leg is broken in a protest by a Member of legislative assembly. I wish he really knew what it means because one thing I am certain of that we are the animals. Such individuals have the gut to do such inhumane things while the poor still struggles for a complete meal, see how riches is affecting the minds of illiterate class. Holding on to proper education facilities and total involvement of population can only lead to changing such deficient thought process of narcissistic people and of their so called followers. It can only start from the roots.
Bjp MLA hitting a Govt horse breaking his legs later on.
Coming to the turmoil created in our beautiful nation by some people. Well if you consider yourself to be a simple and straight forward individual, you will get through this thought. Rohith Vemula’s leaving us behind was created as a political battle ground because of having some content for war and creating minority vote banks for next election rather than concentrating on the topics which need attention and which have been look through till now. There aren’t too many people who now understand the Ideology of a Nation specially the one we belong to. Just standing and able to see different ideologies coming together with warmth and generosity, with acceptance and love is what this country is all about. This country has never thrown someone who has spoken against it neither it will and i believe this is the beautiful mistakes we make which makes our mother cry. There isn’t a single thing without a deteriorating nature and this will end too, if we keep going about it ” why Not Ammi why Mata “. Bloody hell, this burnt every single inch on my skin. We all made our mothers cry because of our doings but we learn and become something they could be proud about. We are at a stage of annihilating our mother land all for Votes, power and the other materialistic greed of man.
regular disruption of house assembly by oppositions
Pity on those who support such outrageous judgments which are firstly stated by false idols of nugatory followers and thoughts. People without fear of judgement and no sense of judgement.Just for a little lie they make which is a goal,an ambition which is no matter how worthless but priceless to such beings. And to achieve that with such moral less mouths on public platforms is not acceptable. I believe it is bring out all of the shallowest people on our faces.
Ambitions have caused wars, world wars, countries at war. Their ambition consumed them with all the other connected to the trail directly indirectly. Just like a star is expected to collapse in itself and consumes everything around it , even light. Right direction has to be provide by someone who goes against all these odds to define what he thinks is correct and will support the cause. And Our Prime minister has done quite a lot of work. We need to teach ourselves to be productive with others to rather be a cause of hindrance to the growth of our nation. On the real world this has gone far more worse to cause dis integrity of our nation on majority minority grounds just because there was no answer to the work done and productivity for the opposition. Collecting racial and community vote bank immunity to win the next election is more important than the nation which you serve as a public servant. It is such a heartbreak for a person who believes a lot in the heart of things which give life .








Watching all those shows just made me more sure of what I am writing today and that you need to believe in self assessment and home assessment and to become better and helpful citizens to the state rather than a bunch of kids who have dispatched just 19 years before in a country whose struggle is more than 100 years old and still running while they rant slogans against it.

Beast of no Nation
Find more inside yourself and spread the liberal nature of this country rather than supporting the hypocrisy just like the Media does as I did mention earlier. As for me, and for this case we need to spread more of education over and less of power and land games. Education indirectly channelize the urge of learning new things and to better things in life like sports, science, politics, business, Bio-genetics, nuclear research, Astronomy etc . Where as leaving your curious kids around people who are visibly having no purpose of life and living gateway life is much more worse and is the cause of this Imbecile. Nothing more, nothing can get more real and true. I will leave my thoughts to your lips to remember and never to forget
“Bharat Mata ki Jai, Bharat Mata ki jai, Bharat mata ko jai”
Picture sketch Of Bharat Mata by Abanindranath Tagore dating back to 1905
For every person who would has a problem from this, I will not certainly care but will follow what ideologies those people fought for. Who had a mind and a vision for the betterment and happiness of this country and the people on this land. I am still with them, and their revolution to change this country into a free land, full of colors of prosperity and to conserve its beautiful nature of the integrity.
“Inquilab Zindabad”
My reason behind this post was Late Dr Pankaj Narang who was brought out of his house and beaten to death. I will not let his loss go in vain. We mourn your absence, Rest in peace.