Relationships which start on social media, last long????

Well, someone has said it right, If Internet is made of servers, cables and electronic components, the magic of its technological chemistry lies in our ability to make it an emotional territory.
Today social media is a trend.
Want to have new friends.. Click
Want to find a partner.. Click
Want to date.. Click
Even after getting committed.. You are always on social media chit chatting. Even in the long distance relationship it feels the person is always with you except you don’t have that person with you in real…
The physical touch is missing.
No doubt social media is the boon to many people who find it difficult to start the talk or who find it difficult to get to the person they have a crush on.
But sticking to it for every purpose is not good. People ask people for dates for being their gf/bf on it.We get to see many relationships which start on social media and end within months or even days on social media only.
It starts with a friend request and life changes after it after some changes it all finishes. The excitement the spark finishes.
Social media will only give you a girlfriend/boyfriend but you have to come out of it to be and have a lover.

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Love is simply love. No matter how it starts, what matters is how long it stays by your side. It’s funny how a lot of people never seem to understand it and look down upon it, thinking that relationship started with the help social media is not the real relationship. What people fail to realise that in relationship the bond you share with the significant other is incredibility strong. Falling in love you remain a child; rising in love you mature. By and by love becomes not a relationship, it becomes a state of your being. I remember you once said that “A relationship is finding someone who respects you, who cares about you, who understands you, who is proud of having you, who loves you the way you are, who is faithful to you, who knows how to comfort you, who knows how to encourage you and who would accept the worst of you and who will go through everything without giving up on you. Such people are very rare to find these days .If you have got one, no matter how you have found him, just keep that person, handle him/her with extra care,be honest and contented with that person, don’t ever think of hurting or letting down that special person. After all it doesn’t matter you are a Bollywood actor or a college guy, equal efforts are required to pamper a relationship because relations need heart, not glitters.”Love can release in you strength, and courage and goodness and even wisdom you didn’t know you had. The truth is that the content and character of a possible love should be revealed in layers. The development of a fruitful relationship takes effort, and it is impossible to reach a level of depth with a person by meticulously parsing his Facebook self. Sure, social media can provide supplemental reading when studying a person’s qualifications as a potential plus-one, but you are wasting your time if you use things like Facebook and Instagram to learn about the content required to answer all the right questions. When it comes to dating and mating, sometimes it helps to unplug in order to connect.

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Starting a relationship is always fun and exciting, but making a relationship last is hard work. Once you’ve gotten settled in your relationship, you have to maintain an honest flow of communication and to continue to cherish your time with your loved one. There are simple ways that can help maintain a relationships like making time for each other, having a strong communication, being honest with other, sometimes learn to say sorry too, learn to make compromises, learn to listen and learn to pick a right time for argument. If one somehow follows the steps, the relationship can last a long time, despite the fact that it started on social media.