is Batman v Superman giving rise to this storyline??

Once again, before you think of scrolling down, this one has a lot of spoilers. Enter at your own risk..


Zack Snyder’s BatmanVsSuperman. Even though the Internet is storming with negative reviews and comments about the movie, for me it was one that lived upto the hype of every comic book addict alive. Because this was one movie which was so much closely related to the DC Universe.

The movie’s storyline had a lot of incomplete and abrupt scenes that left everyone of us confused. The primary one being, whats up with Batman’s dream sequences. Hence, people like us went to watch it another time, just for the Easter eggs. And this is what we make of it.

1. Dream 1

batman born

The first dream that Batman has is his origin, falling into the deep pit and getting awakened psychologically by the nocturnal bats. That has been revisited again and again in every Batman movie ever made. Bruce Wayne was afraid of bats since childhood, they scared the shit out of him. After his parent’s death, he was heartbroken. And the bats thought of giving him a visit in the pit. Despite the darkness that surrounded him, he was moved by the light it directed him to. Hence, Batman. Period.

2. Dream 2

bvs darkseid
Pic Courtesy: EMPIRE magazine

The next dream he had was an encounter with a rather different army while he was trying to gain hold of the Kryptonite. The first scene of this dream was the wide desert with a symbol on it that gave us goosebumps. Darkseid. The omega symbol on the desert represented Darkseid, the beast from Apokolips.

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It was then followed by him being cheated and later overpowered by an army, with the Superman emblem on their hands, giving rise to an idea of Superman’s army. The army was later followed by a group of winged creatures which attacked Batman and captured him. The winged creatures highly represent Darkseid’s minions, the ones he captures from various planets, experiments on them and makes them work for him.


Superman later arrives to confront Batman, or should I say threaten him. He removes Batman’s cowl and all he says his,”She was my world, you took her away from me”


3. Dream 3

This was probably the most worthwhile, unexpected and uncrackable dream. While waiting for Luthor’s hard drive to be decrypted, Batman encounters a guy in a red armour speaking about Lois Lane being the key and about fearing Superman.

My take on all of this.

bvs injustice

The second and third dream sequences point to the Injustice storyline of DC comics. For those who have and haven’t read it, here’s a short summary. The plot follows after the time Clark realizes that Lois is pregnant with his child. A happy Clark Kent meets Batman to share it with him. The happiness is short lived as Clark gets the feeling that Doomsday is back in town and he flies off. But the behind-the-scene issue was Joker and Harley Quinn implanting a bomb in Lois’ body and surrounding her with Scarecrow’s gas. Superman obviously misrepresents Lois as Doomsday and takes it up with him to outer space.

There he realizes that it isn’t Doomsday but Lois and that he killed both Lois and his unborn baby. A devastated and furious Superman then goes on to give Joker a visit and in turn, kills him. He blames Batman too for Lois’ death as he was responsible for Joker being alive all this while.

bvs flash

Now the one in the red armour, that ladies and gentlemen, is the Flash. He travelled back in time to warn Bruce that Lois is the key, that she is the one that can solve the problem even before it starts and then he realizes that he went way into the past because he does state,”Am I too soon?”. He was too soon. It goes on about him saying that Superman is dangerous and Bruce was right about putting him under limits. The only time I guess something that serious happened in the comics was the Injustice storyline where Superman makes his own league, against Batman.

Flash also asked Bruce to find them, i.e. to form the Justice League. And he lied to Wonder Woman saying that it was just a feeling. Liar.


This is just one man’s take on BvS. Such similar or contrasting opinions can be in anyones mind. So do throw down your comments on what I just thought and what you think.