[VIDEO] Planning to get a tattoo? watch this and think wisely which one to get!

When we see someone with a tattoo, there are few thoughts which strikes our minds. Each of us have different perception when we see someone with a tattoo. There are people who consider it a sin and will stare you as if you are a criminal. Then there are people who will consider you a Bad-ass and will try to avoid you, cause you know they think you can beat the shit out of them if messed. There are also shy people who want a piece of art on their body but are too afraid to get them. They maybe afraid of how the society will take it? How the parents will react.

Out of all these blues, there’s a silver lining. With the ink on your skin you can express yourself. Yes, tattoos are always about expressing your inner-self. People who do tattoos have or should always have a story behind it. A story which will stick with them forever.

So what I did with team Pikapost was to meet a tattoo artist and ask him few questions which always strike in our minds related to tattoos and those who work as a tattoo artist. This us our first official interview shoot and we somehow managed to get answers for questions like…
Why think before getting a tattoo,  how much does it pain. The side effects if tattoo isn’t done right and as a bonus you even get to know what tattoo will suit me (if I ever get a tattoo).


Get a tattoo but make sure they mean something to you, to your life. Remember meaningful tattoos can be a good conversation starter, maybe someone will come to you and ask “what does this tattoo mean?”. FOR ANY QUERIES RELATED TO TATTOOS PLEASE COMMENT IN BELOW!

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