Why You Must Date a Writer At Least Once In a Life Time !

Dating a writer can be weird as well as an amazing journey one can ride through. They are moody, stubborn, serious, sulky and exasperated creatures that are not at all easy to handle. But once you enter their trusted zone, they will take great care of you just like the grammatical error. They are the smart, intelligent, witty, and creative specimen of the human race you would love to hang around with. Coffee is their best friend while creativity keeps them awake. They are mostly shy and short tempered but once you learn how to reach their comfort zone, they will sketch joy and vitality in your life. They are the intense category of humans who makes love to you with words.

Walk down to know why you should never miss dating a writer once in your life.

1.Experience and Experiment


They are always in search of new things and their life is filled with series of adventure and experiments. A story created with events that have happened or experienced adds liveliness to it. Don’t be surprised if your writer behaves weird at times or do things that are awkward. Those might be the things they want to witness before capturing in their writings.

2.Changing moods

Sad guy

Once you date a writer, you will learn the true representation of every single emoticon in Whatsapp. Your writer love is always buried deep in new ideas and thoughts; hence, you have to be extra careful while using your movement and tone. Your slightest distraction can result in a violent war.

3.Romance through vocabulary


If you want to romance, romance with a writer. They can explore depths of you and make you swim in a sea of fascination. You might not even realize how deeply you have drowned in their words. They will trap your every emotion in their writings.

4.No demands, no complaints



They hate dominating bosses and bitchy colleagues. And that is why they choose to write over a 9 to 5 job. They love being independent and won’t pester you to take them for parties. They won’t demand or complain if you don’t buy them expensive gifts.

5.Coated with ideas


They are layered with creativity. Whether a party decor or a story outline, never hesitate to ask them anything. They can enlighten you with the best-experienced ideas and opinions. Each of their creations require a lot of research- digging out the best shopping sites to matching footwear, restaurants, music, etc, so in case you tremble with your choice, ask for their recommendation!

6.Patience is sweet


Sometimes it takes days to get their desired plot and twist for the tale. They know that the fruit of patience is always sweet. They won’t fume with rage if you reach late on a date someday.

7.Great observers


Writers are great observers. They notice minute details of you just like the grammatical errors. From your deep dark snipers to bulge out belly, they will paint every strand of you in their mind.

8.Romance runs in their veins


They are mostly dreamers and fantasy is their favourite hobby. The romantic message that you texted last night would be transformed into a poem with amalgamated feelings and volumized vocabulary attached to it in the next morning. They will preserve every tittle of you in their writings.

9.At your service


They are good listeners. Whether your poor jokes or sad tales, they have the patience to stand your entire story and provide their expert opinions. In fact, they will take an interest in everything you say and are always at your service whenever you lag behind with your assignment’s deadline.

10.You are the hero


And lastly, be prepared to see yourself as a lead character in their next story. Writers fall in love with people they find a serene connection with.

Dating a writer means you will learn a lot of cool new words. You will receive grammatical error free text on your phone. You will get the best messages on Valentine’s Day. You do not need to rush to the shelf to get that heavy Oxford dictionary. They are at your service for all your vocabulary problems. While your friends talk about their dummy girlfriend’s/boyfriend’s activities, you can delightedly stand as a proud boyfriend/girlfriend for your writer girlfriend/boyfriend.