How common is friends with benefits in India

In India it is very common, but we just don’t prefer to call it friends with benefits in India. We prefer some indirect terms so that it doesn’t look like what actually it is. In India we tend to hide the things which is not socially acceptable. Some of the terms generally used by Indians are

1) It’s Complicated


Some times, its the best way to describe a relationship “Its complicated”. Complicated means you are in dilemma whether to say yes or no but here it means you can do all those things with your partner without being involve in a serious relationship. In this kind of relations you are already involve with someone but also looking for a random play.

2) We have a great relationship but I won’t marry her/him. I want to go with my parents choice.

Marriage is a promise involving a lot of complexities. Marrying to your love one is still not accepted by the Indian society. Parents also refuse for love marriage. Being in a serious relationship with your partner would start a fight with you and your parents. To avoid all this and to avoid all the tantrums with your partner being in this kind of relationship makes is easy to say no for marriage to your partner. And also gives you a title of mamma’s boy or daddy’s princes.

3) We have great chemistry but he/she is my best friend!

She is my best friend or he is my best friend is the Indian way of saying “step away from this person he/she is mine”. A best friend is someone whom you can share each and everything. Best friend also means you can do all those things which couples do when they are in a relationship just hiding the term relationship.

4) We meet up in her/his house ONLY to study together.

They call it a meeting or a together-with or a group study. We know their is nothing like group study. Meeting on a regular basis even call it “Group Study!. Study what? Biology?! … for tomorrow’s maths exam?.

5) Sex

At the end of day we just need one thing SEX. If you are in a relationship, still you need to work hard for at least 3-4 months to have sex. Relationship involve a lot of issue and tension. But if you have a friend who gives you kisses on regular basis and have sex then it is wonderful. No worry no tension straight to the point. It reminds me a dialog from the movie “Pyar ka Punchnama”-“Dosti me shayad sex bhi platonic hai“.