Did I ever tell you the definition of Insanity?

Insanity. The very primal form of any living being. Where all that matters is what you do, without any regard to any of the consequences, the causes, factors, the prerequisites. Insanity has been seen as a very dark issue ever since its discovery. The most epic villains in comic books and movies are the ones whose characters you cannot fully comprehend: The Joker, Lex Luther, Harley Quinn from the D.C. Comics are good examples. Insane people are equivalent to the specially gifted in the society. And, like all specially gifted, society hates them for being different. Not trying to be a socialist, but it is true.

So what really causes insanity?

Unlike how most people think, it isn’t the result of a specific event, but in fact a series of events that may or may not be actually related. The human mind is an amazing machine and can conjure up millions of explanations for any event (the cause, the prerequisites, the consequences) and will only feed you the one that is most resonant with your current state of mind. Which basically means that if you decided that on your birthday you didn’t get the surprise you were hoping, and supposing your group of friends did do it for someone else, you will begin to find a sort of negative vibe around them. Not once or twice, but it will happen multiple times, until you finally seek out the art of thinking for no reason. And believe me, everybody thinks of stupid things and worries for useless stuff. Worried for your Maths viva which everyone says is going pretty well? Welcome, you’re also on your path to what I lovingly call insane heaven.


Back to my previous example, you will begin to make an explanation of every incident in your friends circle, all of it centered on how they don’t care about you as much as the others. But this isn’t insanity yet, oh no. This is just a beginning, though it can cause you depression.


After a while of overthinking about these probably non-existent problems of yours, you will in turn start reacting to everything in the same manner. This is where you start affecting and alerting the others to this power of yours. It’s where your social life comes at stake, because people like crazy, not insane, not what you are. They will all react to you then, obviously in ways you don’t approve of either.


And then slowly, starts the real insanity. It will begin as just sensations, just intuitions that will illuminate the path. As time passes, it will upgrade to a voice, more clear and elaborate. And in the final stages, you won’t even need the voice to supervise you, it just happens naturally. At this time, you are mostly out of reach of any real help, so if you were wishing to stay sane, you’re out of luck.

I don’t understand though, why would you want to do that? Go back to being sane, I mean. Who has told you that insanity is a bad thing? I would like to have an experiment, actually. Doesn’t society tell you to be yourself and do whatever suits you? What if insanity suits you? Are they still going to be happy for you?

pc : topagentnetwork
pc : topagentnetwork

Perhaps now you reading this with more intent than ever. I want you to go through this article slowly, all over again, with your current state of mind. You may notice that this is not even a good article, I am stating and then contradicting my own thoughts about insanity continually. Am I on my path to insanity? Also, you are reading this with full attention, despite this being a horribly written document. So…are you going insane too? Did I just make you insane by making you read a post? Or did I awaken some force already prevalent inside of you?


Don’t be afraid to be insane. It is your most true form, after all. We all love being crazy sometimes, up until a limit though, which is its difference from insanity. Perhaps we were all made to be insane, before the evil within, called overthinking came to be. Perhaps deep inside, it still waits for it’s call.