[VIDEO] We compared life of a student with life of a politician and the results are funny!

Students and politicians are two faces of a coin. A student with his hard work, craftiness and out of the box thinking turns out to be a politician and on the other hand a politician is ideally a student who has to learn new ways to develop and work for their nation. We may say that politicians and students are the same, so are their ways of dealing with work, how they party, their celebrations and what not. So we decided to make a video out of it, a video which will ensure you that all are the same.




  1. They make fake promises.
  2. They all are greedy for money and love to do cool stuff, be it buying a new Audi or be it giving treat to your friends. They all have their own ways of being happy.
  3. When it comes to handling mob for their sake, they can cause riots or in students case say, MASS BUNK!
  4. Be it a summit or industrial visit, no matter what they ensure their seniors they will do well there BUT always party come first.
  5. Be it classroom or parliament house, MEN WILL BE MEN.
  6. Whenever the semester or the time period comes to an end, both students and politicians will start doing their jobs like never before. YES THEY WILL FINISH WORK OF A TERM IN DAYS.
  7. How they cope up with loss? Yeah, they drink the hell out.
  8. How they celebrate? Drink and party is the way.

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