Why Malayalis love Vishu!

Vishu. Oh wow, Vishu.


Vishu is actually the new year for us Malayalis. (Its preferable if we are called Malayalis and not Mallus, some don’t like it). It usually falls in the second week of April. And it is one thing we wait for after/before Onam. Because these are the main 2 occasions we celebrate with hell lot of joy!!

Ask a malayali whats so special about Vishu and why he loves it, he’ll give you the following reasons:

1. From the start : Vishukani


This is one day where we don’t mind getting up early in the morning. It feels special when our parents close our eyes and wake us up from sleep, take us to a room, eyes still closed, and opens them up to the best sight someone will ever see in their life. This is one day we don’t mind getting up early in the morning.vishu-hd-wallpapers-images-and-greetings-2014

This pic is just a preview. trust me, the real one is way much awesome.


2. Kaineettam


Well, this is one day when our parents voluntarily give us money. Not just our parents actually, this day gives us the right to ask money from anyone elder to us, and they can’t refuse!! We are so rich on this day. *Yay!*

3. The flower that blossoms at this time : Konnapoo


The trademark of this festival is the flower that represents it. “Konnapoo” which is called “Golden Shower tree” in English. The flowers usually blossom at this time of the year and the resultant is one beautiful sight. Something which is sure to catch everyone’s attention!

4. New dresses


Just like any other festival, we are given a set of brand new traditional dresses, worthy of flaunting for the whole day.

5. Sadhya


Though it isn’t as grand as the Onasadhya (will be explained later during Onam), the meal is always mouth-watering because getting such a lunch is rare, because its special too!!! Yumm!

6. Crackers at night


Even if we don’t get crackers for Diwali, crackers at these times are a must!! Because our main motive is to make the sky as golden as the morning we had!

These reasons are just one side of the coin. The enjoyment that’s there during the whole day from opening our eyes to closing them, is remarkable and can’t be explained!! Do have such an experience people!!


Happy Vishu to not only the Malayalis around here, but to each and everyone!!! Ellavarkum Vishu aashamsakal!!