The Big Bang Theory of HOPES!

We all are familiar with the big bang theory of the formation of our universe. It says that the universe was formed about 14 billion years ago and it all started with a bubble of energy which slowly expanded to be the cosmos it is now. It is a well-known fact the universe is still expanding. Reading the theory it occurred to me that in a way every human being is a universe in itself. Scientists also believed that it wasn’t possible to form the universe from a bubble. They kind of said that there must have existed another universe which shrink and then exploded to create the one present today. Aren’t we all similar? A few years ago us and present day us, it’s like the expansion of universe. And it really takes just a bubble of energy, a push, a will, a motivation for a person to reach amazing heights.


Not many know the story of the pioneer of the IT industry of India – Narayan Murthy. Even after qualifying for the IIT he couldn’t make it there due to the lack of finance. What made this man reach these heights? Amitabh Bacchan – one of the most talented and respected actor/singer of India. He was rejected in radio due to his voice. What happened that today he is recognized not just for his acting but also for his bold and commanding voice? The answer to all questions is the same – a bubble of energy. Once the bubble is formed there’s no force which can stop it. We can apply the theory of another universe as well. All these people were very different before. After going through such difficulties they shrank and exploded!

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We all wonder at times how much was the IQ of those scientists who first thought about the theories of the universe. Or how must have this idea crossed their minds. I think I have an answer. Just like the universe we all need that one little inspiration and we do wonders. Success is never an accident. Just like the universe has a dark energy which speeds its expansion, we all too have a mysterious force within us which helps us to go an extra mile and achieve and reach new horizons. So remember if you are in a low phase of life, don’t worry. You are just shrinking into a bubble which will later explode!