Every good thing, one day comes to an end. Everybody needs to move on in their lives and accept the change to face the future that stands there for us.

Today, when a journey of 4 long years ends, I’d like to dedicate this to all the beautiful people I’ve known over the course of 4 years , my friends- my family away from home!. Nothing would have been possible without your undying support. I love you all to the moon and back. No matter where I go, I’ll always remember all you amazing people!

College is one chapter of our life which we just can’t forget . We have countless memories we would never forget and cherish them and all the friends we had during college who made those memories with us for a lifetime!


Here are a couple of things that happen to you when you bid adieu to College.

1.Your entire life that you spent in college, right from freshman year to your senior year, flashes in front you!


Yes, that’s exactly what happens when you are in your final year/senior year and all you can do is reminisce the old times .

From the first day of college, to the awkward first greetings, all the sneaky trips with your friends, all kinds of fights you had with your pals, your highs, your lows, your makeover, your secret crush on the girl who sat next to you in class, the lectures you bunked , the lectures you tried to bunk-but were caught, the group studies, final preparations, college fest at its best, dressing up and clicking pictures and asting time in the college canteen – and much more – everything starts coming back to you, all at once, slowly melting your heart and telling you that , all the fun you had for all these years, is coming to an end.

2. Clicking pictures with possibly every person you’ve known in college is your mission now!


Selfies,groupfies- pictures with your friends, your foes, picture with your best friend and all your teachers and professors, with the girl you’ve always wanted to ask out, with the cute guy from your class that you’ve always had a major crush on , not to forget your lovely juniors who made you realize how dumb you were back when you were new to college , yet so pure at heart!

3. To-do List: Spend more and more time at all your favourite hangout places with your group of friends!


You need to spend more time with your buddies and that too at your favourite spot- be it a burger or coffee place you love or the famous mama’s chai behind your college, you need to sit back and realize how the friendship so strong began at humble places eating pohaa and chai with people who turned out to be your best friends today.


You’re gonna miss the warmth , you’re gonna miss the smile mama adored when you and you’re bunch of crazy loud friends spent hours there –doing nothing but eating, talking about world politics or bitching about how you exes or simply being together with one another!

4. Apologies and Confessions- gotta do these right away….because trust me there are many!


This would may be the first thing that some of us would want to do before we say our good byes!

You meet new people, you become friends, then you have differences and sometimes, you become former friends- at times because of misunderstandings, jealousy or sheer stupidity! But you did have your moments with the person you hate the most today,- so it is necessary to let go of all the baggage you carried all along and simply say sorry , hug and make up for one last time!

5. College romance – try one last time, who knows it might work.


College is incomplete without college romance! Some of the lucky ones around us find love and break-up and find love again. Amidst people who were brave enough to ask out their crush, there are those who have kept it all as one big secret inside! There are those who secretly admired the way the cute guy, who sat right next to her during every class for the last 4 years, laughed, then there are those who never had the courage to look at the girl of their dreams when she smiled back at them! Well, when everything is ending, you might as well confess everything there is before you are all gone! Because who knows, if you are lucky enough, it might as well workout eventually for you!

6. Recollecting all the sleepless hostel nights you spent- watching movies, gossiping , being there for your friend when she went through a hard time or sharing ghost stories to spook everyone out!


Spending hours talking to your roommate or giving countless advice to your hostel mates ,- you are gonna miss it all!

Hostel life taught you a lot and it gave you a lot. You made some friends for life, you shared stories and stayed through rough times with each other, shared late night snacks with everyone and stayed up till dawn just for the fun of it!

7. Attending class for one last time diligently!


Some of us wouldn’t get a chance to study further, this might be the last time e are treated as students! Make the most of it by attending all the classes from 9 to 5, try to focus on what the teacher said-even when you’re sleepy, try to answer the questions asked – for once , crack jokes in the middle of a lecture and let the entire class share the fun because you won’t get another chance to!

Ask your professors life questions, engage in some healthy conversation and connect because this place is the best place you would ever learn anything at.

8. It was indeed worth all the while.

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We all have something or someone we are grateful to for helping us out in trouble! Like the staff you see everyday and who were there to ease things out for you during your lab sessions, your canteen wale uncle who would always ask you whether you ate, your teachers & professors who understood & let you go when you bunked lectures- quite evidently! All of it made us feel at home even when we were far far away from it! When we say farewell, we indeed realize how precious their contribution was in our lives.

How can you not mention all the awesome friends we have who made everything possible for us! From playing football during class hours, to shedding tears together, the bond all of us have is stronger than we know! All the surprise birthday parties, all the planning , all the hard work put into that big surprise gift- honestly, we know that none of it would happen or feel the same once we all are following are different paths. There are gonna be days when e would wish to go back in time and live college once again.

So, let us all be grateful for the amazing friends we all have –tall, short, weird, crazy, temperamental , because no matter how much you deny, you’re definitely going to miss them a lot.

Someday, we all would see each other again and celebrate this silly thing called-friendship.

To friendship!