20th century Vs 21st century students

Student’s lifestyles have varied outlooks from generation to generation.Here are 10 points which will help you compare the 20th and 21st century student’s lifestyles.

1. We used to walk 5 kms and cross a river


“In our times we used to walk for 5 kms to reach school.” Is the most annoying statement many Indian students must have tired listening to their parents. More salt is added in some cases when they say, “and in between there was river which we had to cross.”

Far different from those days, 21st century students can’t deal transportation without their geared bicycles, racing bikes, Activa’s. No doubt, this is a fact that, struggle they do to convince their parents to satisfy their demands are so high that parents are tired of hearing. None the less this has become fashion statement of today’s generation.

2. Center of focus in teaching-learning process


In our parent’s time of learning, classroom activity used to focus more on teachers as presenters and students as an audience. Unlike 20th century, in our generation classroom activity focuses more on students as participants and agents while teachers just as guide or mentor.

May be the goal in teaching for teachers should not only be to completely blow their student’s mind but also to provide sometimes them opportunities to blow teacher’s mind. In short 21st century focuses more on personalised learning in education.

3. Uniforms and clothing.


20th century students were disciplined, humble and well mannered. They used to respect teachers and wear neat and clean uniforms. 21st century student’s fashion statements can even be seen in their uniforms. Loose tie knots with top two shirt buttons opened, folded sleeves and trousers down the west.

4. Hairstyles


One of the most prominent inspiration of 20th and 21st century students is cinema,be it values or styles ,movies and film personalities have been the most influential in spreading it.In the journey 20th century students were found following hairstyles of Rajesh Khanna, Amitabh Bachchan and Sharmila Tagore. 21st century students have their own stats regarding fashion and hairstyles.

5. Lovel-Letters to Whatsapp proposes


Love and romance has always been an integral part of student’s life. How to propose or impress a girl is a question. Every guy thinks a lot before proposing his girl. 20th century students used to opt sending love-letters to their girls sometimes using even their own blood as an ink to show their love and desire for her.

Our generation has better tools, no doubt they are Whatsapp and Facebook. Proposing a girl sending her love messages have been made easier by all these social networking sites. They make u connected for longer time. In some cases love-stories starts and ends even on social networking sites. That’s why it is said Internet connects but doesn’t touch.

6. Consistency vs smart work.


20th century students were very sincere and hardcore in their studies.They always used to get themselves stuck in their books and methods of opting traditional study techniques .Unlike them 21st century students are skilled smartasses. Internet and digital technology has given us access to unlock whole world with just one click.Our generations depends so much on technology that here after we can’t even survive without it. And of course our generation believes much on last night studies for exams and the evergreen memorising techniques.

7. Encyclopedia to Wikipedia.


Those were the days when even small sort of information and queries were also handled with the help of bible sized books and references. It was said that books are our best friends ,still they are. But today internet has reduced their value by introducing various search engines and video interface engines providing us quick access to digital world’s information vault.

8. Outdoor games to computer gaming.


Those were the days when cricket, kabaddi, badminton and many more desi games used to entertain and kept the 20th century generation fit and fine. Opposite to this scenario, today all these games occupied their existence just on computer screens. First video games and then computer gaming has a full fledged blame for vanishing all these traditional games leaving various psychological and physical problems for our generation. If these were not enough the newer generation are busy on their android phones playing games like Temple run 2 or Clash of clans.

9. Hangout places


Earlier hangouts places were often temples ,lake sides, chai ki Dukaan and at most gardens. Our generation believes more on cafeteria, KFC’s, MCD’s and malls for short hangouts.

10. Fitness outlooks


Fitness has become a sensitive issue of today’s generation. 20th century students barely used to care about their body shapes and fitness. Our generation believes more on being fit and fine to enhance our overall outlook. And of course impact of cinemas can never be denied on this.

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