10 awesome Birthday Party Plans

Birthdays are special and these days are meant to be celebrated in a special manner. We all get excited just with the thought of celebrating this memorable day with our family and friends. Every birthday is a landmark in our life and a reality check of how much we have moved forward, how much new friends did we make, how much friends we lost and and what all efforts are we making to keep our little world intact. Another awesome part about birthdays is that we are not only excited about our birthday but we are equally pumped for our friends birthday too. Friends mean a world to all of us so it’s our responsibility to make our friends feel special on their day.

Giving our friends a special birthday gift is as important as setting up a perfect party. Surprise or no surprise is upto you but the purpose must be loads of fun and creating something this kickassly awesome that it stays with them forever. So here is the list of 10 awesome birthday party plans you can setup with an ease just like icing a cake! (yeah birthday metaphors).

1. 12’o clock surprise


Any bells ringing with the title? Yeah, be there with the birthday boy/girl when the bells ring at mid night. To accomplish this you can do both surprise and planned. For planned, spend the birthday eve with them. Go shopping, watch movie or better sit with all your friends and do chit-chat. Then as the clock shows 12 take out the cake and just wipe the cake over their face or you can just cut the cake and celebrate by singing or dancing like old fellas.

FOR SURPRISE : Now to make this a surprise all you can do is don’t inform the luck chap about you guys coming to their place. Don’t even midnight call them to wish birthday. Just show up unannounced with a big cake and just cake face them when they open the door or you can wait for them to digest this surprise and cut the cake peacefully.

2.early morning waking up


What? this sounds hard to you? come on, this is for your friend who was there for you when you didn’t have courage to talk to your crush or when you didn’t know the answer of 4th question in exam. If you can’t wake up early morning for them and reach there before they get up then it’s a shame. Now as I have cleared the idea, this is a surprise only stunt. Don’t inform them about you coming home. Contact their roomie or parents and plan this with them. Make your whole gang surround the birthday chap and when they wake up, creep the hell out of them with surprise and cake on bed. To make this more adventurous for you all just wake the lad by kicking him. Yeah, that’s what we do.

IMPORTANT : If you are able to pull this off then I promise you, you’ll always have an upperhand in your friendship. You can always play the “I fuckin woke up at 5 to celebrate your birthday” card. Cheeky, I know. ๐Ÿ˜‰

3. Treasure hunt for gifts


Now executing this plan needs you all being highly creative and planning all these in a secret manner. A bit of puzzle smelled by the lucky one can spoil this plan for you. As the name suggests, you plan a treasure hunt game by hiding the gift somewhere. This somewhere could be in their own room or some other place which will make him/her filled with anxiety and suspense. For those who don’t know what treasure hunt is just Google it or… or… wait for me to explain you. So you will wait for me to explain rather than google it? such a lazy fella.

Treasure hunt is a game in which you hide something (in this case birthday gift) and create multiple clues which will redirect them to the gift. example, give them a chit with a riddle on it, they crack the riddle to reach the person or place where you are hiding another chit. Keep this running as it is upto your creativity. What didn’t understand yet? Google it. Just Google it but first read the whole post.

4. Children’s theme party


What could be better than throwing a 90’s themed children’s birthday party? The whole room decorated with swirls, cutouts, balloons, cheeky number candles on cake. Plan this and make everyone dressed like 90’s kids too. Girls in frogs and guys with usual stripped tee shirts with some useless graphics on them. You can pull this one off? COOL, then also play 90’s games like musical chairs, throwing coin in bucket full of water, donkey tail etc.

A successful execution of this mesmerising plan will ensure the birthday chap to be emotional and touchy. Not only for them but for each one of you, reliving your childhood goals will be an amazing experience, a childhood experience won’t be complete without 90’s colourful yet cheesy songs. “Tunak tunak Tun, Tunak tunak Tun, Da Da Da”. ๐Ÿ˜€

5. Personalised gifts in sum number of their age


So she’s getting 21 this year? How about 21 separately packed gifts which you give them at different time of the day. One in the morning, on in next half an hour or so. One when you cut the cake, one from the hands of some stranger or their crush. A little bit of foreplay before giving up all the gifts is not at all a bad idea. You can torture them for the gifts (in a light mode) because it’s their birthday they want all the gifts and personally speaking a tiara won’t be useful for you if you are a guy. So make sure you give them all the gifts but try to enjoy the moment.

6. Outing


An outdoor birthday plan has it’s own charm. Arranging passes for a musical concert or going for a sports match can never be unmatched. Just plan it perfectly, BUY, BORROW OR STEAL the tickets but keep this a surprise till the last moment. Pull this up, no matter their favourite team wins or loses you have perfectly scored in friendship.

7. Prank surprise


This one is my favourite. I won’t explain you this one but infact give you an example of how cleverly we pulled this out on one of our friends. So what we did was, we made a stranger call the birthday boy (Mayur) few days before his birthday and give him a fake invitation of a gathering on his birthday. Which we informed him was thrown by the company he got placed in. Excited to meet his future employees the birthday boy, Mayur dressed officially reached the venue to find out there was nothing going on related to gathering. Out of the box we all stepped out and surrounded him with the cake and yes we laughed. To pull this off make sure you leave no trails. In our case Mayur called his other placed colleagues to confirm about the event. Which we covered by including them in the plan too.

SO A BETTER ALTERNATIVE TO THIS WILL BE HONYPOTTING. Make a hot chic set a date with him and later crash the date with surprise.

8. Hide n seek of friends



So this one is another crazy one. This celebration is kind of a mix of the treasure hunt with multiple gifts. In here each of your gang member will have a gift for the birthday chap but they are only supposed to give them when they find out that friend in the game of hide and seek. Childish? The whole concept of birthday is childish, be a part of it. You can make this interesting by taking this to new level. Don’t give up the birthday boxes easily. Few empty boxes won’t hurt the fun.

9. Family n friends combined celebration


Well this is an alternative in which you have to be careful. Juggling friends and family of the birthday boy/girl is a great idea as it brings all the loved ones of the special person together but at the same time you need to be careful on selection of words, phrases in front of their family. Here partying hard won’t be an option but it will mean a lot to the special one and at the end of the day we should care about the special one.

10. Emotional memories birthday plan


Now this one is for those who are planning the birthday party of a friend with whom you weren’t in contact with long time. So this kind of happens when you meet an old friend after a long time or you guys maybe apart from each other and this is your last birthday together. Apart? Because face it, you have grown up, you guys will move on with new jobs, new life in different cities. SO make this birthday memorable and emotional.

This can be done by reliving all the fun you guys did in past together. Visit that old college canteen, the empty roads in midnight where you guys used to rome after you were drunk. Do something different this time. Create a video tape of the messages recording of all your friends in it. Throw in pictures of all your crazy road trips, Goa visits maybe. This one is meant to be touchy and simply strengthen the bond between you and your friends. Go for it.


So, these were 10 awesome kickass, cake-facial, ballon in the air, drinks on the floor birthday party plans. YOU CAN ALSO READ OUR OTHER POSTS RELATED TO CELEBRATIONS LIKE :- BEST BIRTHDAY PRESENT FOR HIM AND HER. Will also take a moment to thanks Amrutha Nair for suggesting these party plans, take a bow girl. Till then stick with pikapost.com, this is Mukul Pathak signing out. CHEERS!