Remarks Every Internet Obsessed Student Have to Face !

“Tum logo ko download & upload ke alawa kuch nahi aata na ! “, comments you might be facing if you are an internet freak πŸ˜›
Well, we are the generation that literally cannot live without internet. And it is quite common now with people talking about our internet obsession. And why not, we have become so mentally engraved within the worldwide web, that we rarely notice what goes around in the real world. We might have FB friends over a thousand but we hardly know people living around us. And that is how we are – The generation who feels at the rate of megabytes & gigabytes. :p And therefore our obsession has led us into many discussions. Talking more locally, PIKAPOST bring you some awesome, embarrassing & funny remarks that every Internet Obsessed Student has faced over time.

1.When we make our huge investments on those net packs.


As we told you, this generation live @ of megabytes & gigabytes..So legally its the duty of TELECOM Companies to charge us the way we use. πŸ˜› Waky-Waky..Here you get a message “Namaskar ! You have used the maximum benefit of your Internet. Now you will be charge 10p/10kb “ & there you go to turn off the mobile data πŸ˜€ And on asking dad for Internet Recharge..He’ll be like ” Parso hi toh recharge kiya tha..! ”

2.When we stick to our phones at all times.


“Yaar ! Kya hoga iss ladke ka..Din bhar mobile mein laga rehta hai..!” If you are this generation kid, I’m sure enough that atleast once a lifetime you have heard this dialogue from your parents. πŸ˜€
PIKAPOST survey says; “Every person has got more interest on Cell-phones as compared to Laptops or Computers coz Cell-phones are all the time with you..”..Hey Hellooooo..PIKAPOST doesn’t have to say ya..Its a common sense man ! πŸ˜€

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3.When Kids prefer Clash of Clans over playing outside.


Just one single word —- ” NO-COMMENTS ”
You must be thinking I’have used two words & said one single word..Buddy beech mein dekho “Hyphen” hai :p
Definition of CLASH of CLANS : A Game that only runs when you have got internet service.
~Boon to Obsessed Internet Users πŸ˜€

4.When we text our parents with BRB or Lol.


If you have watched the bollywood movie “Kill-Dil” can understand the depth of this point πŸ˜€ πŸ˜› If you haven’t then just go & watch this epic scene on ..I dont have to say, you know its YOUTUBE πŸ˜€
But the thing is its really embarrassing & funny too..when you are habituated to short terms like” LOL, BRB, ROFL etc” & you suddenly speak infront of your parents..They are like ” Kaunse duniya ka bhaasha hai bhai..!” :p And you speaking inside with infrasonic sound frequency dat says ” Isi duniya ka hai papa !”
Oops I just used ‘dat’ instead of ‘that’ :p


5.When we lookout for Google for everything: And our teachers will be like.


Aajkal kal ke teachers ko bhi pata hai ki there’s a site called WIKIPEDIA & WIKIHOW…jaha Bomb banane se leke Bomb ko fodne tak saare guidelines diye hote hai.
So, teachers on giving Assignemnts like ” Beta! direct copy mat karna..Kuch apne shabdon mein likhna “.
& we be like Yessss Sir….and the next scene flashesh we are in the INTERNET CENTRE searching for our Assignments.

6.And if we happen to complain about the net speed.


“Humare time pe Internet-Winternet nahi tha..Phir bhi humne kitni mehnat se kaam kiya..” ..”Ab tumhe sab kuch Google Devta se mil raha hai Fir bhi net speed ka Complain karte ho..”.
And we’re like theek hai papa..jaane do..
And like always your idea to upgrade the internet plan fails..

And those are some of the ways our generation is being mocked and discussed. To some extent, we are actually obsessed with the whole internet thing. But that cannot deny the positive sides of the internet too. The trick is to keep a balance. So that, you have a life outside the logins and logouts. And be interactive more on a personal level than just the likes and comments. So, take out time for family and friends but do keep sharing and liking our posts !