Jon Snow will die again. Because it’s Game of Thrones!

So the last episode of Game of thrones (s06e02) managed to cheer all it’s fans around the globe. And why not? Jon Snow is back. Finally he is back! This might be the first time a beloved character is back from dead. Yeah! We won’t count Karsi from episode Hardhome (she turned into a freaking white walker, this should scare you a bit inside). Anyways, one of the most hated characters on Game Of Thrones, Melisandre managed to pull this off with all here weird but awesome witchcraft (never thought will use words like awesome for Melisandre but again this is Game of Thrones). The key was to be devoted to the cause and Melisandre wasn’t at her best. So, it won’t be wrong to say it was Ser Davos and his faith which brought back Jon Snow.


Now coming back to Jon Snow being alive, well even though they gave a clear explanation on how Jon is back from dead but I still personally feel it’s not like Game of Thrones and Jon Snow will die again. In GoT you don’t simply wake from dead. There has to be a clause in this. Maybe his soul has been altered or maybe he lost his memory. If such things doesn’t happen remember, this is not Christmas. I give Jon Snow at max this season finale to die once again and for all.


Game of Thrones has always beed about Dragons, sex and your favourite character dying and bringing back Jon Snow from death isn’t at all like it. It should be a major disappointment for all Khal Drogo, Ned Stark, Rob and Catelyn Snow fans. They wont be coming back. I still remember the day when I decided to stop watching Game of Thrones after Rob died. But who was I kidding. It will be an interesting plot if Jon really forgets everything and then we will be able to say “You know nothing Jon Snow”.


He is destined to do major things in this HBO series and still his origin story is to be out. It will be a good plot if we can have Jon Snow for this season and by the end he dies.

So basically what I feel should be, Jon Snow loses his memories, then he teams-up with Ser Devos and Melisandre to bring his memory back. We get to know about his backstory, he shows a promising “to-be king” in himself and ends up being dead by end of this season. One more important factor being that, the book wasn’t released this time before the series, as this might play a spoiler for the TV series. Well played GRRM, well played.

With Bolton all set to attack the Castle black there are chances he may die with his sword but I don’t want that to happen. First he has to kill the shit out of that Bastard (literally). A ruthless Death for him probably by the jaws of Ghost will be steak sauce. Yes after that we may get a beautiful death for Jon Snow from the hands or dragons of Daenerys Targaryen. That was too much. Jaime or white-walkers may do it this Time. Don’t be happy kids he is going to die again, Jon Snow will die again.