Selfies: Reflecting The Modern Outlook

On a Sunny Sunday afternoon, on a holiday trip to the near by hill station me and my friends were enjoying the much greener scenario which we never found in our Concrete jungles. But a common view I saw there was a majority of people were involved in clicking pics rather than enjoying the scenario. We were on top of the cliff and one of my friend who was no different from those clicking photos there was too busy. But this friend of mine had a craze for selfies and preferred doing risky actions while clicking photos, may be it was the adolescent age that made him do all that but I found even many grownups amongst those around us were also involved in doing the same thing . So I had to conclude that it wasn’t age that made him do that. The time when he looked at us standing at the end of cliff and said “Smile” reminded me quickly of a group of people clicking selfie on the edge of a cliff and having lost their life. The smiles and cheers echoed in my ears few young youths supposed to be nations fate makers met with a fate very difficult to overcome.
Selfie A word through which the entire world has learned to see the emotions and passions of ones life. The word which has adorned the social media with a greater thud and fun. But the greatest thing about these selfies are that every person irrespective of their age love to take selfies and cherish the same. Unlike how the older generation would criticize the newer one for their modern outlook but selfies has made its way in to the hearts of each and everyone.
Almost the 1.30 billion people of our nation have got much familiar with this raising wave of selfies. The poor the rich everyone has got used to it. Clicking pictures was once a luxury only for the riches but now everyone who owns a camera or a mobile phone is a photographer and finds elegance in every act and especially in taking selfies. With DSLR Cameras and mobile phones with huge megapixels flooding the market at cheaper rates has made this job easy for many. Robert Cornelius’ Self-Portrait: The First Ever “Selfie” was clicked in 1839. Even while doing that he would have never ever assumed the act he was doing then, would create ripples in the twenty first century. It’s a style a passion and a fashion today to click selfies. If you are sad you click selfies, if you are angry you click selfies, if you are happy again you do the same. Many even don’t seem to be bothered about the surrounding environment where they are while clicking selfies. A few pics that was in limelight over the recent time was the one in which few friends who were attending the funeral of their friends grandfather had clicked a selfie of the gloomy environment and posted over the internet. I have seen many of my friends changing their profile pics ever now and then. I asked a few what was the reason one said he loved to see everyday as a new day a different day so he clicked new selfies every morning and updated his Profile picture . One had a different opinion she said she got less happiness or cheers in her life so clicked selfies so that she could smile at least once in a day at least for the sake of clicking a picture. I was puzzled with the overwhelming responses many had but everyone had a reason to click a selfie.
Man has now got closer to his emotions and is now in state of dilemma where he enjoys or takes pleasure in sharing his emotions all across the globe. Man has started losing faith on himself and feels others can judge his emotions better than himself. He also finds pleasure in doing things that gains him both name and fame at the same time with less efforts. May be it has now landed man to this varying trend of selfies.
Selfies have also got in to good deeds in recent times. The government also has encouraged the concept of selfie like the Selfie with Daughter to encourage the sex ratio a small initiative by a Sarpanch from a village of Haryana had hit more applauds. In this case the selfie was used for a good cause. Even while criticizing the same I am too a bird of the same feather.