World’s first sex park opening in Brazil

A company in Brazil is planning to generate a sex-themed amusement park with penis-shaped bumper cars and a ‘7D’ vibrating cinema. This ErotikaLand will have a “sex playground” and “museum of sexuality” but sexual intercourse between visitors is rigorously forbidden. It will open in the year 2018. It is also said that the place will be later called as the “world capital of sex”.



The idea itself sounds weird and exciting at the same time but the owner claims this place won’t let people involve in sexual activities but will focus on the purpose of letting the youth and it’s visitors know more about safe sex. Hence there is nothing to worry about what visitors will learn from the world’s first sex park. Though Mauro Morata spoke further he doesn’t want the city to be called as capital of sex as the city is already known as Amsterdam of Brazil because of it’s high drug usage.


It is also said that the Erotikaland will serve jobs to more than 250 and will have visitors in thousands. Each visitor will have to pay an entrance fee of $100. Though it wouldn’t be called as the first one as the famous Love Land in Jeju Island, South Korea has 140 erotic artworks breeding a xerox park in China by the same name, which got shut before it ever opened.