Watch how a cow saved a girl from getting violated

This phenomenal event took place near a Saint’s Aashram in Gwalior city, Madhyparadesh when two goons came dragging a lady and started beating her. It was also recorded in camera that a guy standing near by ran and started beating the women with the other partner in crime , leaving the injustice happening on the streets.



A few seconds later a a man in red, came and tried to rescue her. He grabbed a goon and pushed him away from the lady. Yes, he was accompanied by a healthy cow which managed to dear one of them away and threw the other one away with anger, with the help of his master.

This was a majestic gesture shown by the saint in white and his cow. Both managed to save a lady from further shame and treated goons how they deserved to be treated. such bonding between the humans and animals marks the relationship between two goes deep. A cow understood the fact that a women was mistreated and came to rescue her with her master. Guess one more reason why you should not eat a cow.