Game of Thrones S6E05 trolls will make you Laugh like SEVEN HELLS!

Just saw Game of thrones S06E05 and it was a roller coaster ride. First ever Game of Thrones episode to have fun, and comedy in it and the episode ended with time travel and tears. Oh yeah! SPOILER ALERT TOO 😛

So check out these funny Game of thrones s06e05 memes because we all need daily dose of laughter, or say Game of Laughters.


1. Jorah Mormont is stoned and no one gives a sh** about it. Petty you Jorah, petty you.


2. Well a simple civil war touch. We all wanted to know how Bran controls HODOR right?


3. When your love is pure but she wants to build a career first.


4. Guess Jorah gets KEEP-DISTANCE zoned from friend zoned!


5. Poor Lord Varys. Saw him lose in the battle of words for the first time.


6. When friends hate your tattoo.



7. Game of Thrones S06E05 saw time travel and the Flash can’t be anymore proud.


8. Learn to take a joke Arya.


9. Well this episode for sure was a roller-coaster.


10. Beard were supposed to be chick-magnet.


11. Hodor kept on revising till the last moment of his exams. Guess he did well then.


12. Yeah, you teared me up.



Game of Thrones s06e05 is one of the best episodes we saw this season. The wit, the Varys turnaround, a new badass red woman and of course Bran’s anxiousness to know things caused Hodor’s life. Anyways keep watching this space for further memes from next episode of Game of thrones. Till then follow us on social media networks : FACEBOOK and INSTAGRAM for more of such.