“Love is Life, Hatred is Death” indeed the statement is very apt. But today one of the greatest task in this world is indeed seeking the so called Love! When I once told my brother of my wish of writing a book on innocent love he just smiled at me and gave a thumbs up. But when I told this to my friends they just shrugged of and said What’s new in it? The difference between my brother and my friends was truly the age and the experience. My brother who is younger by five years might not be knowing much, but he was sure there is nothing as such. But for my friends who still have the essence of love lingering in their heart feel every love is true and innocent love.
Rediscovering Love is surely a tough task. But hearing from the Puranas (sacred books) I was sure of one thing. True love did exist once and listening to those stories gave pleasure to heart. Those stories surely does give us an inspiration and a feeling that even we must fall in love and take that experience. When our ancestors tell us great stories of how lord Shiva and Parvati met each other, how Goddess Parvati worshipped Lord Shiva, how God Shiva caused destruction after the demise of Goddess, how Goddess Parvati took rebirth and how they reunited, we admire their love. With great grandeur our elders explain things but when they know their grandson or granddaughter is in love, they feel their love is stupidity. They hate their own children, throw them out of their house. Years back if people fell in love they were thrown out of their house. Some times the girls family would go about beheading the boy a real thing which happens even today in many of the Indian States. In many cases parents are being forced to accept the wishes of their children so end up with what they love. Today many love stories which turned out to be marriages have got their place on the desk of many family courts at the verge of divorce. After getting a divorce many go seeking new partners some lose faith in love.
But in this twenty-first century Whether Innocent Love exists or not only legends can answer. Question were raised on me what Innocent Love is? There is no one word or single answer to define Love so explaining Innocent love was again difficult. Loving each other without expecting anything from each other will surely adorn as one of its definition. Now people wanted real time examples. I asked them to approach the older generations. Those from the early sixties and seventies can thread a story of Innocent Love for sure. Living in a society of people having different opinions about love is fun. Majority of people still believe in love at first sight for they are still counting how many times they had love at first sight but never saw their love again after that first sight. Many believe love is something which can happen in weeks they meet each other talk, walk, be friends and the next week they are in love. This way as months pass I have seen people changing their love as if like changing socks. We have one category who feel if they fall in love with someone they never have the guts to go and tell to that person but feel that person must come and approach him/her for love. Then we have some pessimists who feel love is fake and nothing called love exists. For they must have never been with their parents for sure. Some people say they have never gained love from their parents as they were always home alone. Their parents have a busy schedule and have no time for them and their feelings or expectations. When they get the caring they have dreamt from someone they surely fall In love with that person. How many forms of love exists. Even I am counting. Every man his own reason to fall in love; some for fun, some for time pass , some for revenge over past love, some never fall in love while some make others fall in love.
With all these categories pondering around I find it difficult to conclude whether Love or True Love exist. If you have one, you are lucky because it is rare. If you ask me my opinion I would say Love is rare, if you get one give your best to it. Love this Nature, Nature loves you back. By blooming lovely flowers and sweet fruits.