While scrolling continuously on my small screen , i found this extreme selfies of crazy people , who had took such horrible selfies in the ultimate danger without any safety precaution recently trending ” most dangerous selfie ever ” on Quora.


I recalled that incident of the girl and her friends were clicking selfies when they were swept into the Arabian sea.They walked to the edge of the rocks and were taking selfies when a large wave hit them from behind. The girls lost balance and fell down into the sea , the incidence was happened in Mumbai few months ago.
So really , why are we running behind creating an image at the risks of our valuable life? why do we think that doing such crazy stuff makes us cool ? Or maybe we Just want to get some likes or comments and attention of few people on social networking ? most of us thinks that getting good attention from peoples makes them popular and they forced themselves to do such crazy stuff in order to get more attention from their friends and acquaintances.

Attention seeking has became a trend that is often considered unwanted. Now a days, this trend has reached an all new level, in the form of “social media”.
So, when we are glued to our small screens, we are entering to a different virtual world where we are busy in creating our own virtual image and losing focus on our present. in today’s world, everyone wants to project their colourful and happy sides and no one wants to post their sorrows on social networking. Rather than creating our own moments why we are living for other’s attention ?

Birthday selfies? Why don't we celebrate with friends instead? charlotte -
Birthday selfies? Why don’t we celebrate with friends instead?
charlotte –

Instead of singing the birthday song and spend some quality time with our dearest person we rather choose to take a selfie with them and keep it as our DP and rather than giving a hand written greeting card we choose to type paragraph long captions of birthday wishes for them.


Where are the days when eating a delicious food dish in our favourite restaurant was more important than check-in and posting the pictures online ?
Where are the days when having a real conversation with our family was important than chatting with unknown friends ?
Why we are forgetting our sports culture in the craze of online gaming ? Why we are busy with our devices in wedding and birthday celebrations ? Why are we so addicted to the social networking ?

When we looked few years back, when social networking was not part of our life , we get realised that people were used to click photographs for the memories to be recalled later and not for getting attention of bunch of unknown FRIENDs . Even i love to take photographs but i personally believe that memories are supposed to store in your brain’s memory card. Take all the good memories and bad memories together and save it in your brain and treat them equally.
Well, life has changed in so many aspects by the pace of transforming world. maybe the things after few years will totally be different than today’s.


Change is the only constant in our lives . it’s good to change some things but sometimes that changes everything. All we can do is to keep a BALANCE between our real life and social life and we don’t need to live for others at the risks of our life because at the end when we are lying on your death bed and about to close your eyes for all eternity, it is the memories we have lived which flashes in front of our eyes and not our facebook timeline so Make sure we LIKE it .