What Sudeep Nagarkar’s Books Taught us?

Sudeep Nagarkar, National Bestselling Author of Few Things Left Unsaid (2011), That’s the way we met, kya life hogi set? (2012), It started with a friend request (2013), Sorry You’re Not my Type (2014), You’re the Password to my Life (2014), You’re Trending in my Dreams (2015), She swiped right into my heart (2016)


A Person Who Is Passionately In Love with the Language… He is Doing Something That Really Matters… He writes the Stories that have Impact on Other People and on the Culture. He writes the best Stories You Can Possibly read And Put Everything he’s got into it. He is the recipient of the 2013 Youth Achievers Award and has been featured on the Forbes India longlist of the most influential celebrities. He perfectly defines the meaning of an author, the person who originated or gave existence to anything and whose authorship determines responsibility for what was created.

By profession, Nagarkar is an electronics engineer who was employed in an IT firm for 6 months. Apart from writing, Nagarkar is a public speaker and a motivational speaker, he has delivered several lectures on various platforms.

As Sudeep Nagarkar is constantly ranking no.1 on HT Nelson Bookscan for four consecutive weeks in all categories for the recent novel She swiped right into my heart, let’s take a journey down to see what his books has offered us till date.

1. Few things Left Unsaid


The book perfectly depicts the saying – The difference between like, love and in love, is the same as the difference between for now, for a while and foreve. The book is about the two friends, Aditya and Riya, who fall in love with each other after they meet up through their friends. They keep falling deep into the heavenly thing called love. Finally, a break-up takes place due to some twists and turns. For soon an unanticipated misfortune strikes them. It is for the readers to find out if Aditya and Riya, with their strong bond of love can overcome all odds in life to sustain their relationship. The book is for all those who believe in love and somewhere they have cared for someone special.

2. That’s The Way We Met, Kya Life Hogi Set


Aditya and Riya continue their love story from where the prequel, Few Things Left Unsaid, ended. Aditya’s best friend, Mohit, is meanwhile falling for Riya’s friend, Sonam. Together, both the couples make a lovely picture. The book details how all of them set out for an unforgettable trip to Delhi and Manali. Riya’s father’s sudden death marks a new twist in the plot, with his demise exposing the fragile financial situation of Riya’s family. On one side you have the love of your life, without whom you can barely breathe, and on the other side you have your family and their happiness. What does Riya choose? Her love or her family’s happiness? Will their love endure the test of time, or will it simply vapourize like the dreams of countless other lovers?

3. It started With a Friend Request


The novel describes a story about Akash, a young, single, and conservative with a preference for girls with brains and Aleesha whom he runs into at a local discotheque. Aleesha is a pampered brat, the only child of her parents who dote on her. This brief meeting leads them to exchange their BlackBerry pins and they begin chatting regularly. As BlackBerry plays cupid, they fall in love. When they hit a rough patch in their life, Aditya, Akash’s close pal, guides them through it.

4. Sorry, You’re Not my Type

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Sorry, You’re Not My Type is a true story that redefines friendship, affection and infatuation. A story of one of the reputed Delhi based college music band!! Vikrant, Anamika and Yuvi will make you believe ‘When your passion and purpose is greater than your fears, you find a way to overcome them. A story of Aditya will highlight the true aspects of life as in every boy’s life, there is a girl he’ll never forget and in every girl’s life, there is a boy she’ll never forget!! The three become close friends and start hanging out regularly. So how does Aditya, a stranger, become familiar to their lives? And what happens next? Find out, a must read novel, especially for teenagers… It is a beautiful story which will keeps you enthralled. The most touching part is ‘What’s my fault?’ chapter which makes you feel the pain of Anamika.

5. You’re Trending in my Dreams


A book where with every page you turn you will get more & more excited about reading the next page. Four friends, four lives, one decision four college students, who couldnt be more different from each other, move into a flat in Mumbai. While Varun is sloppy but lovable, Ahana is gutsy and reckless; Malvika is the group’s selfie queen and Garima is the most reserved in the group. Yet, all four get along like a house on fire. Although each of them is battling personal demons, their commitment to the bond of friendship they have built over time holds them together. Things, however, take a turbulent turn when one of the four finds herself caught in a mess. Will they stick together or fall apart? Youre Trending in My Dreams is a true story that will reaffirm your faith in the magic of love and friendship. At the end of the book, you’ll personally feel and regain back your memories because the author shapes every word in a feeling.

6. She swiped right into my heart


Love, relationship and friendships are not defined for our generation. The boundaries between them are often blurred and the result is often full of confusion and tears. ‘She swiped right into my heart’ by Sudeep Nagarkar is one such gripping tale of three friends. The story revolves around the life of three college students – Geet (the unpopular one), Shibani (darling of the college) and Rudra (the unanimous choice among girls). Geet and Shibani are close friends. Geet wants to be popular in college and she decides to achieve that by making Rudra her fake boyfriend. Rudra, who secretly wishes to be with Shibani agrees for the arrangement, in the hope of being closer to her. Shibani, who is oblivious to any of this information, is gaining affection of another guy. The trio falls into the cobweb of emotions, love, heartbreak and betrayal. The road ahead is not easy. You do not want to lose your friend, but you cannot also lose the one you love. What will their lives lead into? Where is the fate taking them? Are they going to make some sense out of the situation or will they decide to never cross paths again? Geet is on a diverging road, which path will she choose? How her decision is going to affect the other two? The answer to these questions can only be found by reading ‘She swiped right into my heart’.

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