‘Sairat’ a marathi movie has crossed 100 crore box office collection recently and still going housefull in most of the single screen and in multiplex theatres in india . It is the most amazing thing even bollywood movies will not have so much crowd like this movie has. Felt very nice to see this much love for marathi film.
Some things I would like to mention here that made Sairat so successful –


1. Unlike any other movie, it shows realistic story of our society. it will actually make you visualize yourself there in story.


2. the way of showing scenario of college life, love life and social life of characters in movie have been directed so well that you will be having goosebumps.


3. The story exactly shows you love story in real life. There is nothing in story like which can never happen or hard to happen in common love stories. UNLIKE bollywood love stories , this story does not show any special and larger than life image to audience.


4. Both are new actors but the way the have acted seems like they have mastered the acting. Simplicity and the way of representation is very ordinary.


5. Its the first ever movie with the song recorded in SYMPHONY orchestra. One of the finest in the world. Ajay-Atul has truly made the great music and it actually makes you feel the romance in story.


6. First half of the movie is all about love and dream, it will make you fall in love even if you have never before and second half is about the reality and struggle.


7. This is what happens exactly in love stories. You fall in love but when you move closer to each other you start fighting on small things and it comes to breakup.

But here after looking at poor people on station she will realize life is all about staying with one another and being in the love with loved ones. So she decides to come back to actor.



8. The director has shown the woman’s heart more beautifully here. Though she ran away and married to different guy. But here feelings for her father and family are same. Still she waits for here father to forgive and talk to her. He has managed to show the beauty of woman’s heart through this situation.


9 .Sometimes friends are more helpful than the people of society. They have better understanding than the one who claims to be the wise one in society. For them and for their age that was LOVE only but for others it was cast , politics and other things which matters a lot.


10. What do I find very impressive about the ‘Sairat’ ?
It is the ending leaves the audience stunned and shocked. I say people crying “What the hell just happened ?” and leaving the hall shocked and lost in deep thoughts about that last scene. The ending where they are shown murdered is made even more classy by what follows it (One more movie that had a similar climax which stunned us was that of the movie “UGLY”. Do watch it if you haven’t yet). The footsteps of that child leaving blood is something only a genius could think off.
At the climax, Director makes it way towards the love elements followed by action and as usual slowly starts letting us feel that it is gonna be the usual HAPPY ENDING and just at the very moment we are given this ending which completely stuns us and caughts us in surprise as the director sets us up for a happy ending but from nowhere he brings this one sequence which completely changes the flow and this is what i loved about Sairat. It’s different. It’s not “Yet another love story”.


Talking about the last scene, their kid running away crying with his footsteps all in blood indicates that no matter how much love prevails, what started as something wrong or unconventional in the eyes of the society will end up in the same unconventional way.