How to overcome “Educated but unemployed” ?

First of all, Let me convey one thing very clearly. To live happy and successful life one need none of them i.e. Education and Employment. Life offers millions of choices to learn, gain knowledge and education, far superior than the knowledge you get in any of the school in the world. And lessons in life will be repeated until they are learned. Also life offers millions of choices other than employment, not only to live but also become rich in terms of money, fame, and happiness.



Still I offer my views here why there is more unemployment, not only among engineering students but also among other stream of education. Also these are reasons for failure to attain true purpose of life. It will also make you realise that most of us don’t have any clear purpose of living and still we are doing the things just for a sake of doing it.

1. Absence of your own unique set of clear life goals and purpose-

No efforts in family and school to nurture traits of self-reliance, freedom of expression, decision making and power of team work… Great IQ, knowledge, skills have nothing to do with great success. Directionless/purposeless education system that fails in earning sustainable living. Current education system just helps to create slaves that are useful for an organization or industry or government.

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2. India needs job givers and not job seekers-

In india, almost everyone thinks that only way to make living is through employment/job. and that’s why India needs to create 1-1.5 crore jobs per year for the next decade to provide gainful employment to its young population. This is the real challenge. Without this, there can be no ‘acche din’.


3. Nobody buys snow in antarctica-

Over 80% of engineering graduates in india unemployable! shocking! But it’s a fact that 1.5 million engineers pass outs in india every year, fewer getting hired. Most of the engineering graduates who fail to grab an employment in their respective industry, end up joining call centres or BPO units.


4. Lack of practical exposure-

Most of the colleges provide no or very bad internship opportunities. Most of the engineering/management students have no clue what the industry actually is like. Instead of having good theoretical knowledge, we fails to give practical solutions.


5. Pathetic syllabus and lack of knowledge-

I mean, teaching C using Turbo-C? Seriously? Most CS/IT engineers have no idea of how to ensure security in their C-code. Indian education system rewards rote learning, not knowledge. because of that everyone is starving for good grades and not for good knowledge. Why should someone hire these ignorant engineers? (Except for the fact that they need engineers, and pathetic ones are the only kind available).


6. Rigidity and lack of discipline-

Most of the Indian students are incapable of working without strict guidelines. For most product companies, this is a problem. Tell an engineering student that tomorrow’s test is cancelled. I will bet s/he will stop studying. Engineers have to think, Not just follow orders.


7. Attitude issues-

Indian students are for the most part incapable of acknowledging that they screwed up. I know people who have been recruited simply because they could accept that they screwed up. It’s really important in a job that you can man up and acknowledge your mistakes before it becomes a very costly bug in the final product. and mistakes are always forgivable, if one has courage to admit them.


8. Lack of good communication and interpersonal skills-

The FICCI (Federation Of Indian Chambers Of Commerce And Industry) survey found that only 26% employers are satisfies with their employee’s ability to communicate in English, “the most widely used professionally communicated language”. The quality of teaching on our campuses is outdated. They do not follow the latest market demands. As a result, most of the students instead of having good knowledge of their field, unable to market themselves.