Shirley Setia : A kiwi with voice the of a nightingale

Love at first sight is a common deal now but very rare it happens that we fall in “love at first voice”. Sounds strange, how can one fall in love with someone’s voice that easily? that too when you first time hear them. Well, such was the case of how I felt in love with Shirley Setia’s voice. It was a hot and gloomy late-night when I found “Sanam Re | Female Cover by Shirley Setia” on YouTube. Usually not into covers, I gave her a shot and that song struck in my mind so deep that I made my friends watch all of Shirley’s video on a boys night out.


From her early YouTubing days she has managed to keep a smile on her face. No matter what song she performs, she knows how to keep it simple and enjoy each and every second of her video. She often makes you realise that she is smiling at you. Isn’t that great?


With no technical training in singing she has a natural alluring voice. A quality which is a big deal in today’s era of auto-tune and other props to make one look melodious.


The best part of her videos are when she looks into camera and it appears like she is singing it for you. Such a class dramatic performance makes one fall not only for her voice but also for her. She is damn cute, you know that.


All her shoots are chilled and full of gags and laughter. To look more professional one might omit such loose shots but to feature them in your video makes one connect very well with their followers.


Shirley Setia really knows how to connect with her fans and to keep them engaged.

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She being active on all major social networking sites keeps interacting with her fans through chat posts and video posts titled #ShirleySpeaks. I also follow Stephen Amell (Arrow star) who hosts weekly fan engaging games on his Facebook. Such quality of Stephen and Shirley makes their fans loyal to them as they feel connected. Looks like I should make a video with her on how to manage fans and social media this well. You reading this Shirley?

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With more than 3 lakh subscribers on her YouTube channel, she is one of the top 10 YouTubers from New Zealand and sweetheart of millions of her viewers worldwide. From being a “Pyjama Popstar” to travelling the world to record and perform with many famous artists like Sanam, Kurt Hugo Schneider she has managed to keep a down to earth personality. Which simply makes her more popular amongst her fans. It will be a dream come true for us if we manage to shoot one video with the tiny one with not so tiny dreams.



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