10 Things Only a Hostellite Student would Understand

I lived in a hostel for six years. My experience, well there’s no phase in life like hostel life. I ate shitty food, learnt to make friends, money management, being able to sleep peacefully in a pool of bedbugs (literally a pool), to laugh at the stupidest things, and above all ultimate level of jugaad. In short, Hostel taught me the meaning of life.

Hostel life is an experience of its own. The endless laughter, the midnight snacking, the perpetual gossip, the examination pressure, the mindless singing, the 12 o’ clock birthday bash.. Oh! I could go on and on and on..! It was a golden period in my life. It was the end of an era.

1. Attendance


The first day of class – every seat is taken. First day of the second week – half the seats are empty. Fourth week of term and it’s time for the first assignment – you wish those weak deserters had taken you down with them… Meanwhile attending the lectures will teach you that it is completely possible to sleep with your eyes open. No matter how boring and useless the lectures are, university needs 75% attendance else you have to make yourself acquaint with the terms like “defaulter” or “Detention”.

2. The importance of internet

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The most common question that is asked in your hostel is, “Yaar, net chal raha hai kya?” You learn that life without internet is equal to NULL. And the internet teaches you the importance of torrent websites more than anything in this world.

3. Time Management and Teleportation


You eventually master the art of getting up at 8.25 AM and magically appearing in the classroom by 8.30 AM that too with completing your breakfast. It also teaches you that finishing up 6 units in one night before the exam is possible and it is also possible to sleep for more than 16 hours a day.

4. The mess food


Hostel mess was formulated by all the mothers in this world to teach their kids a lesson that how great ‘Maa ke haath ka khana’ (Food cooked by mother) is. Initially, you’ll criticize the mess food. But eventually with time you will realize that there’s no other way. You’ll learn to respect the food cooked at home.

5. Maggie to the rescue


Maggie is the only thing that will never ditch you and will help you survive throughout your stay at hostel for years. You learn that Maggie doesn’t only comprise with noodels, tastemaker and water but several other accompaniments like eggs too.

6. Movies and TV Series And Games


You have a hard disk full of movies that you collected from all your friends’ hard disks. You end up finishing the 23 episodes on season of a particular TV series in a day And if by chance you start watching Series like F.R.I.E.N.D.S. then you finish 10 seasons within a week missing out the whole week of your college. You realize that you can go days without food once you start playing games over LAN

7. Home Made Snacks

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Your room mates and block mates give you a grand welcome whenever you return from home, but it’s not for you. It’s for the awesome ‘Home-made-snacks’ that you brought with you.

8. Group Study


There’s always one guy in hostel who care for a bunch of last minute preaparators and gathers them to teach the whole syllabus before exam. But you realize that “The Group Study is a Myth.”

9. Adjustment


Adjustment is the best lesson you learn at hostel. After staying at hostel, you can adjust with any type of people irrespective of any factors such as age, their mentality, etc. You gain the art of making yourself comfortable with anyone and everyone around you.

10. Being Independent


From washing your clothes to your mobile recharge, from buying your trousers to paying college fees, you will have to do everything for yourself. No one will do it for you. You start realizing your extent of dependency on your parents.

The most important thing, hostel life has taught me is how to enjoy in hell. While leaving hostel, You are not going to be the same person you were when you joined hostel, and you will love it.