10 Reasons Why I Love Photography

Does love needs a reason? Of course it does. This question has made me think deeply about all those years since the very beginning I started learning photography until now. People have different reasons for loving photography and each one is personal. For me, I love to hear about people’s stories, capturing beautiful emotions, breathtaking natural scenes around me. I love photography because with only one picture we can show something that would take a thousand words to explain. My favorite part about loving photography is the different worlds, the different perspectives it gives me in terms of thinking about and reacting to the world around me and this continuous evolution of Photography itself. So I’m going to convey 10 reasons that make me love photography.

1. Instant Beauty Creation

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You can create beauty with just the press of a button. It doesn’t take hours, it doesn’t take days, and it doesn’t take weeks or years to aesthetically pleasing masterpieces just like a painter or scuptoror architect or musician or filmmaker or any other kind of artist who spend a lot of time creating their work. It just takes a second, you press a button and that’s it, of course you need to know what you are doing and you need to know your camera tool in order to be able to provide results.

2. Bring Value to People’s life


You actually bring value to peoples’ lives. If you do portraits, weddings, families’ shoots, you basically tell stories that can create emotions to help people remember the moments for lifetime.

3. You Can Make Money With Your Camera


It’s actually nice to make money using your artistic passion. If you turn photography into business, you can follow a lifestyle which a lot of people are just dreaming about. Imagine yourself taking photos for a living, you can choose when to work, how much to work and who you want to work with.

4. You Get To Play With Expensive Toys


You get a chance to play with expensive camera gears all day long. I myself just love to spend hours and hours to figure out the creative stuffs by handling all the camera gears. The most important thing about this is that you get to buy everything you want to, and soon it pays itself off. As a professional, I don’t have to worry about the cost of the equipment because as an enthusiast I know it will be worth it.

5. Meet New People

Regular people hanging out in a coffee shop, having drinks, doing work, meeting friends, etc.

Photography gives you an opportunity to meet new creative people and get to know about their stories and lives everyday. Sometimes, it help you get into the various photography clubs where you get to know a lot of things related to photography.

6. You Learn How To Talk To People And Sell Yourself


Photography helps you understand what motivates people, what do they want, what is it that they actually are expecting from a photographer. You dedicate time to learn about all these things. Step by step you learn to promote your business either online or offline.

7. Photography Is Easy To Learn


I believe photography is easy to learn, not too easy but it’s not that hard either as long you follow your passion. You don’t need years of training like University, just constant learning and practicing for months. You don’t need to spend Tens of thousands of Rupees on education.

8. Photography Brings Other Opportunities


You will find throughout your career as a photographer, numerous opportunities available that are full of potential. It will bring opportunity for you to work on big projects.

9. You Get To Travel A Lot


Work does not necessarily come to you, sometimes you have to travel a lot to get to work. You get used to long trips and long driving hours. You get to explore a lot of beautiful destinations across the world through various photo-walks.

10. Photography Makes You Learn Other Things


Photography is not only about pressing a button and taking a snap but it is a complex mixture of many areas of knowledge that you need and you are forced to to learn also. You learn about various softwares like Photoshop, lightroom. Sometimes it brings you to whole new level at videography along with sound editing, video production, online marketing and sales, building a website. Photography helps you keep up with all the latest technology in the market so that you can improve your work and workflow.