How to make a YouTube video VIRAL!

Well, already made few funny videos for our channel 40 Pe Pass , which sounded funny to me and my friends who made it with me. Rest were neutral. We lacked in quality of pictography, acting skills but we tried. It’s important to try hard and do not stop chasing until you reach the perfection. There are many Youtubers who start but stop very soon when they realise they are not able to make big out of it. So for them, the key is to stick! stick on what you are doing unless and until you start getting recognition. SO here are 5 awesome methods to make your YouTube video viral which will blow your mind :-

1. You see what I did there in bolds? This is how media publishing websites like ScoopWhoop or MensXP write their post titles.

Screen Shot 2016-06-26 at 4.15.42 PM

Make such websites share your video in a post. These websites sometimes maybe lame but they have a crazy fan following. A good relationship with websites will do good for you and your channel. Provided the video quality is good and seriously funny, this will make them share your work and KABOOM!

P.S – Link to the above post CLICK HERE!

2. Target audience :


Ensure that your video is targeted to a specific audience, say students. Your target audience must be vella enough to watch your video. It should have few points which will touch them, touch the student life of an engineer when you talk about points such as “Bandhi nahi mil rahi”. These people will share your video, force their friends to watch this videos and in no time you will be a sensation in their friend circle or hostel or maybe university. DREAM BIG!


Screen Shot 2016-06-26 at 4.13.18 PM

When you make an awesome video then it should be given a chance with bigger audience range. Make a post about it, share the YouTube link on Facebook, twitter and throw in some Gandhis on Zuckerberg. He will take care of the rest. Make sure you target your audience correctly. Yo don’t want your video in hindi language to be promoted in a country like Uganda.

4. Why stick with YouTube? upload on FB too.

and probably other social medias, video channels too. YouTube is cool but my personal experience says if an FB uploaded video and a YouTube video both promoted on Facebook, then the FB will bring you more views on cheap rate than they will bring on Youtube link. This is because even fb has to keep their video posts alive and good. So with a cheap rate they will promote you.

5. Collaborations :

this is something I read about on YouTube academy’s page. I think, You don’t have competitors when you are on YouTube (unless he stole your girl or owes you Rs. 10 for vada pav). There is no hard and fast rules on YouTube like :- Anurag Kashyap or Rohit Shetty. People on YouTube love multiple channels at the same time. this is how it should be. We make a video of hardly 5-10 minutes. What will the viewer do after that? Either he will wait for your next video or he will start watching other videos by other channels too. So in short all youtube channels scratch each others back. Get in contact with them, make a perfect script and shoot a collaborative video with them. This will enlighten their and yours followers. It will expand the viewers for both the channels and at the end everyone is happy. Pikapost’s YouTube channel even managed to be invited at aYouTube Studio, Mumbai Party, such events help you collaborate with new people with similar minds!


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